Sonic R System Joins Investa Traders’ Summit Singapore this July!


Kyaw is the founder of Sonic R System, which is one of the most popular thread in Forex Factory with thousands of followers: 78,000 post replies with 14 million views to date.

Forex Factory is ranked as the world No. 1 Forex Trading website. Sonic R System is also very popular among the FX/Index/CFD communities with the existence of growing audience of Sonic R System’s Facebook Group.

Kyaw conducts exclusive seminars for keen trading enthusiasts. His signature course Sonic R Mastery has been running successfully since 2015. The graduates of this course are from the countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Spain, England, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Germany. His graduates are able to draw with the consistent profits from trading. One graduate who is also a CMC client has managed to make 144% ROI — a whopping $98,000 to $240,000 from April to July 2018.

He is also invited regularly on CMC events, Trade Fairs, SG FX Group meet ups, TRT Roundtable Seminar Talks, and SG Trader Club for regular market updates. He is well known for his down to earth approach of “Before and After” trade call with pictures of the charts sharing it on Facebook and Forex Factory pages. He made the Sonic R Trading System to be freely available, while he can keep all to himself because he believes that Sharing is Caring.

His trading style is akin to swing trading and he is a firm believer of risk management. It will eliminate risk on the positions as quickly as possible while letting the trades to maximise the profit by letting the trades run.

It also emphasises on positions building and add positions to the market once the intended trend is established to maximise the return.

Kyaw’s on-the-dot accuracy and trading philosophy has inspired many traders, and he is now the Top 20 contributors in the TradingView website.


James is the Co-Founder and the Trainer of the famed Sonic R Mastery Course. Along with Kyaw, they have mentored over 600 students internationally along with after training program to support the members with full house attendance.

He has trained in Mudley Training Institute, a well-known and established financial trading company in Thailand to sharpen his skills and to learn how big funds manage their portfolios with minimal risk and optimise the performance for stability.

His preferred trading style is swing trading and believe in riding the first sign of reversal using pure technical chart with unique methods of identifying turning zones. He only takes trades that provides a minimum of 1:1 risk to reward and has achieve multiple 1:10 risk to reward trades by having the patience to allow his trade to run to its full potential.

Hear more from them this coming July as they join the Investagrams Traders’ Summit Singapore! Stay tuned!

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