July 27, 2019
Joyden Hall, Bugis, Singapore

The leading trading summit is now in singapore

This is your opportunity to learn from Market Wizards, hedge fund managers, and professional traders from all around the WORLD.

This is not your usual investing conference

In this summit, you'll learn straight from traders and fund managers who live and breathe the markets, the few who have mastered their craft and those who have successfully made millions by beating the financial markets.

Traders Summit SG Traders Summit SG


Acquire Powerful Trading Strategies from Real-Life Market Wizards

These are the few moments in life where you will meet real-life market wizards that will pass onto you their trading secrets.

Go beyond passive investing and maximize market trends

Tired of value and dividend stocks that seem so stagnant? We'll teach you how to maximize returns by riding massive trends and avoiding downturns.

Develop your edge by building your own Quantitative Trading System

Most retail investors fail because they employ weak and baseless strategies. It’s time you utilize Quants to solidify your investing decisions.

Learn from successful professional
traders and investors

What you will learn

Rayner Teo Discovering Trading Principles with a Statistical Edge
Mark Ritchie How to Lose a Fortune, Avoid Trading Depression, and Recover to New Equity Highs
Mark Ritchie II Finding Momentum Stocks and Managing Emotional Capital for Success
Jake Chow How to Build a Quant Investing Model
Andreas Clenow Trading the Curve: A Trading System Based on Term Structure
Robin Ho Catching Market Tops and Bottoms: How I Made 2 Million in the 2008 Market Crash
Philip Teo The Singapore Stock Market Through the Eyes of a Price Action Trader
Paul Familiaran Social Copytrading: An Eco-system for both Market Experts and Passive Investors
JC Bisnar Trading for a Living: Strategies and Tools for Retail Traders to Achieve Optimal Returns

experience, relive and
learn from the
Biggest Trading Summit in Singapore


*Available on the third week of August

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Besides the technology platform, Investagrams’ has also organized trading conferences where some of the best and most prominent traders shared high-value insights and strategies to more than 3,000 attendees.

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