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Rayner Teo: The Savior of Retail Traders Worldwide

Being one of the most followed traders in Singapore, Rayner Teo is also the founder of TradingwithRayner, where he has his own academy and various blog posts, along with a YouTube channel that provides timeless lessons on how to trade in any market.

Many of us know Rayner as one of the key figures in the Investagrams community and a trader that provides countless of insightful content for FREE. We are confident that many of you have benefitted from the content Rayner posts on our platform and on his channel. We interviewed Jet Toyco, one of the active members of our community, in order to know more about Rayner and how he has impacted the lives of other traders.

Jet first discovered Rayner while going through YouTube videos to learn more about trading, the catchy title of Rayner’s videos caught his attention. After knowing more about Rayner, he came across his website where he read several, if not all, of his articles on trading. When asked about how Rayner has provided value to him as a trader, Jet’s response is Rayner has helped him understand that trading is all about probabilities. Jet now finds it easier to respect all traders rather than correcting them if they have different trading styles since there are a million ways to trade the markets, and the markets are always right.

He has also been inspired to help other traders, the same way Rayner has helped him, and share knowledge at no cost. Being able to help others in the industry is what gives him value as a trader and as a person, and he believes that the same can be said about Rayner; it’s all about paying it forward.

Jet’s trading has improved profoundly after learning from Rayner. The aspect of his trading that has improved the most is his character as a trader. He is now able to take responsibility for his actions and not blame others for his mistakes That improvement has shaped his trading philosophy and he will continue to do this for as long as he is trading. Jet was also introduced to systematic trading by Rayner, discovering this made him set aside 80% of what he already knows about trading to adapt a process that he believes will be more beneficial to his trading.

At the end of the interview, the last question we asked Jet was: “Do you think you would be where you are at your trading journey without the help of Rayner?” He answered, “Without Rayner, I may be a different trader from who am I today, but no matter what I know I would still have the hunger to become a successful trader in the future. “

Jet only met Rayner once when he was in Singapore. He sees Rayner as someone who not only cares about the trading community, but also cares for the youth and his family. He says that Rayner has been through countless rejections and struggles in the past, such being an unprofitable trader for three years. Despite these struggles, Rayner continued to persevere. He eventually rose above and conquered these challenges, and now he looks to share his principles to other traders to shorten the learning curve.

Here at Investagrams, we are very lucky to have a trader like Rayner Teo. Someone who shares knowledge not for the sake of making a profit, but rather to sincerely help those who seek to become a successful trader. We are proud to have Rayner as one of our speakers during the Investagrams Traders’ Summit SG which will take place in Singapore on July 27, 2019. He will be talking about the essential trading principles to become a consistently successful trader and how to gain a statistical edge in order to place the probabilities in your favor in a competitive market environment.

How has Rayner benefitted you as a trader? Let us know in the comments!

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