Mark Ritchie II: The Master of Momentum Trading

Most traders, if not all, aspire to double their portfolio in the shortest span of time. And with that goal, traders easily get hyped with the latest trending scheme. Be that inside the markets with a speculative merger, a new investment project, or even an FDA approval, our greed cannot handle the potential “gain” we might miss. Mark Ritchie II specializes in this kind of play. He knows when to get in before the stock begins to skyrocket, and more importantly, he knows when to get out when the stock has already made its top.

Mark Ritchie II has made quite a name for himself when he won Mark Minervini’s Triple Digit Stock Challenge back in 2010 by achieving triple digit returns in less than six months. From 2010 to 2014, he’s grown his managed funds tenfold from its initial amount, consistently compounding his portfolio year-in-year-out. With that much traction, he was officially invited to be one of the 4 Momentum Masters arranged by Mark Minervini’s roundtable interview.

Speaking for someone who you have only read from the books can be quite daunting, but not for Andy Yiu who’s been specializing and mastering the art of momentum trading. Andy is one of the retail traders in Singapore we interviewed to share on his experience. He primarily trades US Stocks, and is slowly adjusting his system to handle the FOREX Market.

By replicating the mindset and strategies of the Four Momentum Masters, Andy had a strong foundation on the essentials of momentum trading. From habits to daily routine, stock screening to stock selection, and planning to execution, Andy has gathered major key points from all Momentum Masters to create his own momentum system.

Coincidentally, when we asked Andy, who among the four-momentum masters he relates to the most, he answered “Mark Ritchie”. Why? “Because upon studying his core beliefs and principles into trading, integrating his strategies to improve my own were the easiest. It’s as if we have the same trading personality, so with most of his answers, I can easily agree. The only difference I see is that he on level 10, while I’m still at level 3 continually improving my craft.”

As always, we always end our interview with the question, “Do you think you would be where you are at your trading journey without the help of Mark Ritchie and the 3 other Momentum Masters?” Andy responded with, “No, I do not think I would have survived trading at an early stage. I do not have a personal mentor, so they were my virtual mentors when I needed answers. When I get stuck, I usually just reread the book corresponding to the topics I have questions on, then eventually gets it. Without the book, I would be likely still at level 1, without any direction.”

Our journeys at finding one’s trading style to fit one’s personality does not have to be alone. As traders, we should find mentors who match our needs and our goals. Here at the Investagrams Trader’s Summit, we have gathered a wide array of traders and investors, each a master of their own craft. So whether you’d like to level up your trading, or you’re still finding which trading style fits you, everything is made possible at this grand event.

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