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Traders are often compared to athletes. In performance sports like Basketball and Football, competitors need to hone their skills. Intentional practice is needed, and to reach the highest levels, attaining 10,000 hours becomes a necessity. Trading is no different. Being one of the greats entails putting in hard work and dedication to honing one’s craft. Often, an underrated habit in getting better at performance sports is picking the brain of others. It is a necessity in competitive endeavors to learn from others; to study techniques, strategies, habits, and even dialogue on the peculiarities of the game. For athletes, it’s as simple as watching recordings to study and take notes. It’s as simple as walking up to teammates to talk about plays. For traders, research is abundant, but rarely can you see articles that really encapsulate the mindset of a trader – from ideation to the execution details.

We want you to be the BEST trader that you can possibly be, which is why we want to be the best trading teammate you’ll ever have! To make it easier for traders to look into the minds of how successful traders and fund managers work, we came up with InvestaPrime+ Research. More than just providing information on the markets, our InvestaPrime+ Research write ups will provide you with in-depth details on what our in-house traders really think and feel regarding the current state of the markets, along with what they plan to do and why they are making those decisions.

Let’s see examples of how InvestaPrime+ Research will assist you in your development as a trader!

  1. Out of ideas? We got you.

Trading involves a lot of creativity. Especially when times are tough, traders have to be creative and see where is the money flowing into. However, let’s face it – sometimes it’s hard for us to look for which market or sector the smart money is going into when all we see in the usual markets we trade in are downtrends with setup opportunities nowhere near in sight. Even if we already have a solid trading foundation and are able to stand on our own, it’s always helpful to get a hint as to where to look for trades every now and then. 

Let’s say you already checked the PH and U.S. stock markets along with the crypto market, it might still be hard for you to look for trades if you purely trade uptrend continuations and momentum patterns. With InvestaPrime+ Research, you will be able to see posts frequently about the different opportunities available across a variety of markets should you run out of ideas.

  1. Want to validate your opinions and look for better ways of analyzing events?

As we develop as traders, we start to learn more and more about what is happening with the general market and how it affects our trading. When we gain more experience, we are able to discern events with a better eye, and it always pays to have better insights as this allows us to adjust our trading plans to the possibilities that have a higher chance of happening. 

For example, every trader who has had some bit of experience in the markets would probably already know that the US markets are in a tough spot right now. By being a prime subscriber and having access to InvestaPrime+ Research, you would have access to deeper insights coming from traders who not only have a lot of experience, but also walk the talk. More than just knowing that the market is in a downtrend, you will see actionable takes that can be taken and even dissected for your benefit. 

  1. Want to know the other side of your trade?

As traders, there will always come a time where opinions differ. Rather than shying away from contrasting opinions and arguments, we should look at them as opportunities to see things from a different perspective. Whether or not someone is right or wrong, we are all students of the markets. It doesn’t matter if you already have 10 years of experience or if you just completed your first year, everyone can always learn something new from another trader.

For instance, our take on the mining industry. It might not have been a popular opinion and some people did not see the potential. However, we believed that there was a lot of potential in the industry and the rally manifested. Of course, we could have been also wrong; we will never claim to know how the future will unfold. However, we will aim to give you our BEST analysis so that you can take trades that we believe have potential, compare and contrast the differing opinions to hone your own analytical skills, or even do both. 

The snippets shown here are just samples of the multitude of insights that we provide to our Prime+ subscribers through ​​InvestaPrime+ Research. Again, the goal here is to be the best trading teammate you’ve ever had as we aim to provide you with extensive research and analysis.

Want to know more about what we offer? Head on over to the InvestaPrime landing page to look at all the features that we provide to our subscribers!

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