The New Investa App is Now Available on All App Stores!

We, Investa, are officially the newest market player in the mutual funds space as it releases its mobile app on App Store, PlayStore, and App Gallery! Proud to be an all-Pinoy Investment Platform, The New Investa App promises to bring affordable and accessible investments to all Filipino families. 

Starting in 2015, wehad one thing in mind – to create at least 10 Million Filipino investors. Bootstrapped from being a startup, Investagrams then, did a lot of efforts to educate the people about the Stock Market and wise financial management. Eventually, Investagrams became Filipinos’ go-to about anything trading and investing. 

Fast forward to today and with more than a Million users, Investa has branched out from Investagrams and continued its commitment to be Filipinos’ partner in financial growth. 

With the help of the top fund management companies in the country, namely: Sun Life Asset Management Inc., PhilEquity Management Inc., and BPI Investment Management Inc., The New Investa App has become one of the few mutual funds distributors in the Philippines to offer a minimum investment of 50 Pesos.

“We created Investa to eliminate discrimination in investing. Whatever your work is, your educational background, or your status in life, you can finally become a proud investor. No need for high capital to start. Wala nang mayaman o mahirap sa investment. Lahat tayo dito sa Investa, payaman. We really want to see Filipinos soar in wealth, and also our beloved Philippines to rise above that depressing third world country status,” JC Bisnar, Investa CEO, stated. 

Offering the possible lowest starting capital is one of our efforts to introduce investing to the Filipino public. For decades, there has been a stigma that investing is only for the rich and elite. Hopefully, with our initiative to make investing for all, Filipinos can now have the opportunity to start building their dreams whatever their income or class is. 

As of its release on all app stores, we are so honored to have garnered these stellar reviews.

You can now start creating your dream fund for as low as 50 Pesos. Experience affordable investing in The New Investa App. Now available on App Store, PlayStore, and App Gallery. Investa is also accessible via web on

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