Investa Scholars Program Mechanics Round 2

Because many of you joined and provided immense value to our community inside the Investa platform. For our next round of the Investa Scholars Program we are going to increase the stakes! 

We want to continue to reward the deserving members of our community who are always active in providing value through their high quality posts. That’s why this time all active members on the Investa Platform will get a chance to win 1 month access to the InvestaPrime for FREE. 


  1. Regularly post your daily investing journey/experiences on the Investagrams platform (accompanied by a photo that represents your post for the day)
  2. Use the hashtag #InvestaJourney when posting.
  3. The Top 50 users who have posted the most number of quality and engaging posts will win a one month InvestaPrime subscription for FREE.

This program will run from February 3, 2022 until February 18, 2022.


Q: What if I already won in the previous round, can I still win again?

A: Yes! The Investa Scholars Program is designed to reward our most active users on the Investa Platform.

Q: What if I’m already an InvestaPrime subscriber? 

A: If you’re already a current InvestaPrime subscriber and you make it to the Top 50, then the 1 month access to the InvestaPrime will be added on top of your current subscription. 


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