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New Ways to Earn During the New Normal

This pandemic is a global disruptor. COVID-19 changed our lifestyle. We are now more health-conscious. We are giving more attention to our hygiene and to the food we eat.

It also changed our perspective about life. We are still horrified about the increasing number of infected people. In just a few months, we saw how easily our loved ones can be taken away. Thus, we are now giving more value to life and to our relationships.

Along with all these drastic changes, another daunting fact about this pandemic is how it affected our livelihoods. In just several days, many workers were laid off. Many businesses closed down. Many are now depending on the government welfare program.

A pandemic removed our freedom and our agency — to move and to create wealth.

Now that this is our new normal, we must also do new things to cope. Because if we don’t innovate, we evaporate. If we don’t adapt, we die.

Here are some simple ways to earn during ECQ. And as we enter the new normal, perhaps these are the future of doing business.

Mobile Palengke or Pasabuy

We were almost paralyzed when the public transport was cut in the hopes to restrict the infection. Unfortunately, not everyone has a private vehicle. Therefore, only a few can run errands and buy their food supplies. This may be a depressing problem, but it can be an opportunity to earn.

If you have a private vehicle, why not be the mobile palengke of your neighborhood. If you and your neighbors have a group chat, initiate the “pasabuy”.

As you buy your own stash of food, ask them if they also want to buy something and you can deliver the product straight to their doorstep. You can charge a fixed rate for every errand or you can mark-up the goods.

Your neighbors will understand that they are paying you a small amount of convenience fee and hazard pay for braving the streets despite the virus.

Mobile Drugstore

For sure, you have neighbors who are retirees or senior citizens. Because our beloved seniors are the most vulnerable to this virus, they can’t go out to get their maintenance medicines.

You can help them by getting their prescriptions and by going to the drugstore for them. This business idea adopts the concept or the model of the mobile palengke. So, you can also charge a small fixed rate whenever you run their errands.

Internet for Rent

Because most offices are closed because of the pandemic, many have switched to the work-from-home (WFH) setup. However, not all have an internet connection. Many WFH employees resort to availing expensive yet limited data plans.

If you have internet at home and if you want to help your neighbors transition from office to home, why not consider renting out your internet connection. You can compute how much they spend on data and charge them less than what they are originally spending.

If your connection does not reach your neighbor’s home, why not consider having a home computer shop. Your neighbor can bring his laptop or gadgets at your home and connect to your internet. If you have a spare laptop, you can also rent it out so you can help your neighbor still work on his shift and avoid being laid off.

Food on Demand

Restaurants may be closed for now, but celebrations do not stop. Many have already celebrated their birthdays while on quarantine. Many are also craving for restaurant-quality food to just have a break from the ordinary “lutong bahay”. This craving can be another opportunity to earn.

Post your menu on social media. Use mouth-watering visuals to further lure your customers. Do not forget to indicate that you can deliver the food to their homes so that home quarantine cannot hinder them to celebrate life events.

Even if there are no celebrations, you can market your food for simple gatherings such as home quarantine movie night or weekend e-numan.

Online Professional

We have seen offices closed down because of one move from Mother Nature. Therefore, people are now realizing that having an office job is not enough. We really need multiple streams of income to help us financially secure our families.

As businesses close, we have seen the power of the internet. We have realized that most work can be done online. We have witnessed that there are unlimited opportunities on the internet, we just need to have the eye to spot them.

If you have an internet connection at home, try getting into online jobs. If you know how to write copies or articles, try being a copywriter or a blogger. If you have strong clerical skills, consider being a virtual assistant. If you know how to teach, there are many online tutoring companies that are currently looking for online teachers.

Learn to Invest for the Future

ECQ is also the best time to learn about the stock market. You have all the time in the world to read and watch informative videos about the market. The stock market has closed for some days in the first month of the ECQ, but we have seen that it is one of the spaces that are still fighting and helping people earn in the midst of a virus and an economic crisis. We just need to learn how it works and how to make a profit from it.

This is the new normal. Tough times, but we must be quick in adapting into the changing times, or else our families will not survive. Remember that a crisis can be disheartening, but it also offers a lot of opportunities. We just need to be attentive to where the crisis is leading the market and be ready to seize those opportunities.

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