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THE CATRIONA GRAY EFFECT: How Positivity Makes an Impact in the Stock Market

Let’s begin with the big picture.

In 2016, Catriona Gray joined the Miss World Beauty Pageant and placed as the Top 5 Finalist instead of winning the title. It didn’t stop her to continue her dream of bringing home the crown for the Philippines and in January 2018, she then again competed for Binibining Pilipinas and now holds the Miss Universe Philippines 2018 crown and everybody loves her.

The equalizer:
> Beauty Pageant = Stock Market
> Catriona Gray = YOU/Trader

Beauty Pageant and Stock Market are both never easy to begin with. As a trader and just like Gray, you have to be tenacious and resilient to be able to get what you want to achieve in life. It seems pretty cool to be a beauty queen or to make a fortune in the stock market, but it DOESN’T and that’s the kind of reality and perspective that everybody should take grasp and take caution.

YOU MAY BE A NEWBIE, A STRUGGLING TRADER OR A LONG TIME INVESTOR but know that not all your trades will win you and some of your trading journeys will be complicated.

There will be a time that negativity will disrupt you no matter what.

Trust me, it’s part of the process.

During Catriona’s pre-pageant Miss Universe preparations, she admitted that behind this victory was a never ending negativities surrounding her – there were many challenges, people who tried to put her down and moments of risk and doubts BUT it took her enough courage to believe in herself, hard work, trainings, sacrifices and the goal to keep going to pursue her ambition.

You see:
I don’t know the battles you’re facing now.
I don’t know how hard it is for you to stay committed.
I don’t know how much you’ve been suffering in silence.
I don’t know the struggles that broke you.
I don’t know the terrifying demons who wanted you to stop your passion.
I don’t know what you’re trying to escape from.
And I don’t know how you wake up each day thinking about how much you have lost in your last trade.

But, if you wanted to be the best fighter in your field no matter how hard it is, I do know this:


Gray won because of her belief, passion, and determination. It was her CHOICE to stay POSITIVE all the time.

In the stock market, anyone with a fight to push past the destruction will definitely surpass any chaos that comes along the way.

In addition:
You presented your best trader-self despite being internally destroyed.
You showed the willingness to start all over again to find the best system that works for you.
You traded every stock you chose independently and did not rely on FOMO, Facebook or GC analysis and stock recommendations by others but yourself.
Your decision on what type of markets you will trade in based on your interest, capital and risk management.
You owned up to your shortcomings and wrong stock picks and immediately cut loss to protect your capital.
You removed yourself from toxic circumstances online.
You’ve proven time and again that you were stronger, better trader, and more determined than you were yesterday.

There’s no amount of words that I could manifest to describe Gray on her being the woman of the year or in the planet, but I could tell you how to align yourself with the type of powerhouse person she is.

Attitude can make or break you.

So STEP UP into your ball-game and fire your mind into POSITIVITY. Be disciplined, be optimistic, stay humble and committed and be a totally beautiful creative student of the market all rolled into ONE.

Photo credit: Catriona Gray Google Images

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