Investagrams Platform Upgrades: Web 1.24

Web platform improvements is here! Our aim is to build a better communication, stronger engagement and improve the user experience of each and everyone of you. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect when you log into our website:

1. User interface design update: Providing users a better platform elements that are easy to access, understand, and use for an effective and positive user experience.

2. Nested Social: A new threaded replies system where users can easily respond directly to individual comments to make the platform feel “more conversational.” You can now reply to comments faster using the new reply button that creates thread for each user comments.

3. Market Status: We bring back the market status in InvestaChart page through ‘Win/loss’ tab where users can view the most active, top gainer and top loser stocks information

We hope this makes sharing, interacting, and helping each other easier for everyone in the Investagrams Community. We thank all who shared their feedback and continues to share their knowledge and wisdom and in return, we will continue to improve our website as much as we can to support your generous efforts.

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