Investa App: A Hassle-Free Investing Platform

The Investa app is our very own investing platform that allows users to invest in mutual funds. Investing through Investa is as simple as just clicking a few buttons once your account is all set! Let’s look at what the investing platform has to offer, and how easy it is to invest in mutual funds through it.

Get to know our investing platform’s partners

Investa has partnered with some of the best performing mutual fund companies in the Philippines: PhilEquity, BPI, SunLife and ATRAM. Partnerships were made with these companies to promote financial inclusion and affordable investing to millions of Filipinos! With Investa, you can buy their funds with ease! Here is a quick overview of what each mutual fund company offer:

  • PhilEquity – The ideal choice for investors who wish to engage in the stock market but lack the time and knowledge to do so is Philequity Fund (PEFI), which has been acknowledged for its exceptional record since its founding in 1994.
  • BPI – Focuses on funds that emphasize on inexpensive and lower beta names, shorter durations, and diversification strategies consistent with capital preservation in order to generate appealing risk-adjusted returns.
  • SunLife – Is a leading international financial services organization providing protection and wealth products, financial planning and retirement solutions.
  • ATRAM – Suitable for investors with a moderately aggressive risk profile while also being managed by an award-winning fixed income team.

Of course, this is just a very generalized overview of their fund management methodology. If you wish to learn more about their specialized approaches to the different funds they offer, you would have to go over the specific fund’s prospectus, which will be talked about later on.

How do you get started with our investing platform?

To begin trading mutual funds with the Investa application, head on over to the Investa app and sign up or log-in. For those who don’t have an account yet, let’s walk you through the steps. 

Investa - a hassle-free investing platform

Your personal and contact information will be asked for to create your profile. Additionally, information such as your sources of income and relevant disclosures are needed. Don’t worry though, as all our data is protected and we ensure you that no one will ever gain unwanted access to your information. You will also be asked to create a 6-digit pin. This pin is IMPORTANT as you will need it to confirm your transactions.

Creating an account in the Investa app

Agreements and Documents

You will be asked to sign some forms and agreements after you provide your information. Documents will also be needed in order to verify your identity. When the selfie with your ID is asked for, make sure that your face is visible along with your picture in the document to make sure there aren’t any problems when your identity is being verified.

Risk Profile

Financial market investing is always risky to some extent. The degree of risk a person is ready to tolerate while investing is known as their risk profile or risk appetite. Before you can invest in mutual funds, you will need to fill out a risk profile survey which will help determine a proper investment asset allocation for your portfolio.

Risk profile assessment for the investing platform

There are 3 types of risk profile scores: Conservative, Moderate & Aggressive

  • Conservative – prioritizes asset preservation above capital growth.
  • Moderate – equal importance to lowering risks and maximizing revenue
  • Aggressive – may aim for financial gain despite the potential risks of the investments.

Made a mistake or want to update your risk appetite? Investa allows its users to do so by contacting their user support email [email protected]

The investing platform itself

The account creation process should only take 24 hours if there were no setbacks with the documents asked for. Once you finish, you are greeted with the Investa homepage

The investing platform itself

Don’t know how to get started or want to know more about Mutual Funds? We got you. We have different sections to help your every need. From knowing what mutual funds are, to understanding how they work. We also have an FAQ section if there are any further questions. 

Useful links

To begin with investing in Mutual Funds, start topping up your account through the following payment methods. Payments are fast and usually processed within the day or the following day. 

Topping up your investments account

Topping-up is very easy with our different payment channels. The amount should reflect in the same day for most of our payment channels if the amount is less than PHP10,000. Once you have successfully topped-up your account, click on explore then scroll down to categories for you to check out the different ways you can invest in Mutual Funds.

Finding the right fund for you in the investing platform

Once you have chosen a category, start choosing a fund that you feel will suit your needs. Relevant information such as their YTD profits as well as risk type are also provided for users to check out. 

Fund information

Once you have chosen your Fund, click on Invest Now to start investing Mutual Funds! If you want to learn more about the Fund’s prospects and methodology, documents are easily accessible on the right side of the page

Fund performance

Be sure to take note of the following information listed below the page to know more about the fund’s details. These will help you know how much you would need to start, how much you can add as an additional investment, and more. Keep in mind that funds usually have a minimum holding period. For this example, you need to hold the fund for 7 days or else you’ll be charged with a 1% fee.

Fund guide

To keep track of your investments, click on Portfolio. It will show you the current status of your investments such as the total profits, losses, and portfolio value. 

your portfolio in the investing platform

Don’t forget to check out the Prizes feature and complete tasks in order to win rewards from Investa!

Win prizes this 10.10

When is the best time to invest?

As they say, the best time to start investing was yesterday. The next best time to start is today. Start your investing journey here with us at Investa as we help you achieve your goal of becoming financially independent. What are you waiting for? Create an account now and start investing in mutual funds through Investa, our very own investing platform. 

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