Limited Edition Investa NFTs: What You Need To Know

Hello Ka-Investa!

Are you ready to be one of the Pioneers in the Investa NFT space? As we are part of a rapidly changing industry, we acknowledge the relevance of crypto technologies in this age of digitalization, and we want you to be a pioneer in the first few limited edition Investa NFT’s to launch this November 2021.

We started this NFT project to commemorate one of our biggest milestones, becoming an official investment platform. To serve the goal of enabling Millions of Filipinos to Invest, this feat is only the beginning. As we move towards higher highs, we will strive to adapt to the financial landscape, and we want you to be part of this Journey.

This document will serve as your field guide into the Investa Pioneer NFTs, to help you understand why we created these Tokens, what the benefits are for owning them, how to own one, and what rules are in play when you want to sell your NFTs.

1. What are Investa Pioneer NFTs?

An NFT, or Non-fungible token, is a unique cryptographic token that exists on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. In the Pioneer’s Program, your NFT will be in the form of Digital Art that is limited to Pioneers (Package 3 and 4) and will be given to you via a Cryptocurrency wallet called Metamask. These NFTs will serve as your EVENT PASS to future Investa Events.

The Pioneer: Bull NFT

“Traders shall rise before the sun god. Fools are blinded by his light, but the wise know when to hide from his noon blaze. Be wise, ka-Investa.”

For owners of this NFT, you will have access to all the virtual events and competitions for 2022. For The Pioneer, only 499 slots will be offered to the public.

The Ultimate Pioneer: Panda Master NFT

“Traders shall bow before the moon god. Cowards lurk away from his shadows, but the brave would follow his starlight and find the midnight gold. Be brave, ka-Investa.”

For owners of this NFT, you will have LIFETIME access to all the virtual events and competitions of Investa. For The Ultimate Pioneer, only 99 slots will be offered to the public.

We’ll launch the NFT Collection in Open Sea before 12 mn today.

Technical Specifications

Both NFTs are minted on the Polygon (MATIC) cryptocurrency to ensure you, the Pioneer, that your NFT is minted on a reliable and gas free cryptocurrency, and is minted with the Token Standard ERC-1155. Only 499 copies will be sold for the Investa Pioneer Bull NFT and only 99 copies will be sold for the Investa Ultimate Pioneer Panda NFT.

We have minted extra copies (25 for the Bull and 7 for the Panda), which are not included in this public sale. It will be utilized for future giveaways and as Team NFTs — allocation to some of our deserving Investa employees. These NFTs are on display via the platform.

These NFT’s will be minted on November 25, 2021 at 11:59pm. Transfers for the NFT will begin on Nov 26, 2021 onwards.

2. How can I get these Limited Edition NFTs?

You can be one of the few owners of these NFTs by purchasing the Pioneer or Ultimate Pioneer Package here: Once you have purchased your slot, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to receive your NFT. To receive the NFT, you will need the following:

  • A. A Metamask Wallet (See 8-e)
  • B. An OpenSea Profile (See 8-d)

3. How to Use NFT for Future Investa Events

When you purchase the Pioneer or Ultimate Pioneer Package, an NFT will automatically be reserved in your name via your Investa Account. Once you receive the NFT in your wallet address, Investa will keep track of the Investa users that currently own the specific NFTs. If you decide to sell your NFT or give it away, you will no longer be given free access to Investa’s future events, or other perks that may be given to NFT holders in the future. The new owner will be registered for the complimentary event access.

4. What if I don’t want to transfer my NFT to a Metamask Wallet?

As mentioned earlier, once you purchase the Pioneer packages, an NFT will already be reserved for you. If you do not wish to receive your NFT in your Metamask wallet yet, you may still get the perks of accessing future Investa events. It is advised, however, to process the transfer of your NFT right after your purchase for faster transactions. The final deadline to receive your NFT will be on January 31, 2022, after this you may no longer receive the NFT in your Metamask wallet, but you will still have access to Investa’s future events.

5. Am I allowed to sell my Investa NFTs?

Yes, if you own the NFT you may sell it or gift it to other people. However, if you decide to sell or gift the NFT to other people, you will no longer be given free access to Investa’s future events, or other perks that may be given to NFT holders in the future. The new owner will be registered for the complimentary event access. You may sell your Investa NFT at any price you decide. Selling or transferring these NFTs are subject to platform fees, transaction fees, and Investa will receive a 10% royalty on every sale of these NFTs.

6. Buying Investa NFTs from the open market

You may also buy these NFTs in the open market if any of the current owners decide to sell them. The free event access and other applicable perks will be transferred to the new owner of the NFT. To receive access to the future Investa events when buying NFTs in the open market, simply click on the unlockable content that is accessible through the NFT and follow the instructions. Otherwise, you may also contact [email protected] if you need assistance.

Please be aware that there is a possibility that fraudulent NFTs will exist in the open market, and Investa will not be liable for any fake NFTs that might circulate.

7. Other FAQs

What if I sent the wrong wallet address?

If the NFT is mistakenly sent to a different address, there will be no replacement for the NFT. However, you will still have access to future events.
If the NFT wasn’t lost, you may still get the NFT by correcting the wallet address.

What if my NFT was stolen from my Wallet?

It is your responsibility to take care of your wallet. No replacement NFTs will be given, but access to future events will still be given to the original owner if proven that the NFT was stolen and not sold or transferred as a gift.

How will Investa verify if I am a valid NFT holder for future events?

The current owners of the NFTs are stored in Investa’s database, and are also visible on the blockchain contract address details. If there is a dispute over the real owners of the NFT, we can verify by transacting with the users’ wallet address.

Can I buy multiple Pioneer Packages?

No. To accommodate more Investa supporters, we will limit the purchase to only one package per person.

Are there gas fees? Who will pay the gas fees?

No, there are no gas fees as we are using the Polygon (MATIC) for the NFTs to help users avoid paying high gas fees.

8. Jargons and other Relevant info

A. Minting

Minting NFTs is the process of transforming a digital file (in the form of photos, videos, etc..) into a digital asset on the blockchain or a crypto-based collectible item. This digital item is then stored in the decentralized database.

B. Cryptocurrency

According to Investopedia, “a cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. A defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.”

C. Polygon (MATIC)

This is the Crypto token that we will be using to mint the Investa Pioneer NFTs. We chose this so that you, the Pioneer, will be able to receive your NFTs without spending a lot on gas fees. To understand this crypto network better, here is a description from

“Polygon (MATIC) is an Ethereum token that powers the Polygon Network, a scaling solution for Ethereum. Polygon aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum using Layer 2 sidechains, which are blockchains that run alongside the Ethereum main chain.”

D. is one of the biggest marketplaces where you can explore, mint, purchase, and sell NFTs. Investa will be using this platform to display our Investa Pioneer NFT Collection.

E. Metamask Wallet

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to store and access your Ethereum. This wallet will also be used to create your OpenSea profile, and will also serve as the receiver of your NFT via your wallet Address.

How to create your Metamask Wallet:

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