Planning To Buy A House? Tick this Checklist Before You Invest

Having a house to call your own is one of the biggest financial goals of every Filipino. Buying your own house means not worrying about rent, landlords, and most importantly having more control of your own life. Here are some things to consider when saving up to buy your dream home!

1. Visualize your future

This means thinking about where you are 5-10 years from now. where would you want to live in, how many members are there in your household, and if you would have pets to take care of. Knowing the specifications of where you want to live and the number of people or pets there are in your home allows you to prepare in advance when buying for your own house, and it also serves as your motivation to keep on saving for your house

2. Plan

They say failing to plan is planning to fail, and it’s very much true for your finances, especially big ones! For this, you can set up a timeline on when you want to start saving, and set specific amounts for you to reach within a period of time. 

Simple math would be to get 30% of how much a house in the area you want to live costs, and divide it by how many months until when you want to live there. If you’re interested in a 3M house, and you’re planning to move within 5 years, then here’s how much you should save monthly to have enough money for the down payment:

30% of 3m = 900,000php / 60 months = save 15,000 per month to save up for DOWN PAYMENT

3. Create a system for saving

You should save money regularly, religiously, and relentlessly. When encountering a huge financial decision such as buying a house, know that it comes with huge sacrifices as well. It means: Refrain from touching the money you’ve set aside, avoid unnecessary spending, and avoid all budols online.

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