Our Newest Innovation: Investa Guild

For the longest time, we have always encouraged everyone who joins our trading competitions to represent the community they are part of. However, there was no real tangible way to show that you were part of a certain community back then. We wanted to make this year’s Trading Cup different by innovating a new feature that will allow you to represent your community. We give you the Investa Guild!

Now you may be wondering, “Para sa Trading Cup 2021 lang ba ito?” Nope! The Guild feature is here to stay and will be used as well in future competitions and events. So if you would like to create a Guild and invite your friends to join or if you would like to find a Guild to join, you can do so here: https://www.investagrams.com/Guild/Profile/

Already have a guild? If you’re the GUILD LEADER, simply follow these instructions to get your friends and community members in your Guild:

1. Kindly log out and log in again to your Investa Account so your Guild Leader status will reflect on your end.

2. The role of the Guild Leader is to invite his/her community inside the Guild through a special link that you will see at the bottom of the homepage inside the Guild.

3. Share the link with your community! Encourage them to represent your community in the upcoming Trading Cup 2021.

4. Anyone from your community can join the Guild, members don’t only have to be Trading Cup Participants because the Guild feature will still be used in future competitions and events.

So now let’s answer the question on everyone’s mind, “HOW WILL THE GUILD WORK IN THE INVESTA TRADING CUP 2021?”


1. CREATING OR JOINING A GUILD. To create or join a Guild, just head over to this page: https://www.investagrams.com/Guild/. For those looking to CREATE a Guild and are a bit confused, feel free to message Investa’s official Facebook Page or via InvestaChat so we can assist you. For those looking to JOIN a Guild, it’s important to note that there are two types of Guilds: PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.

If a Guild is set to PUBLIC, then you can join anytime you want. If a Guild is set to PRIVATE, then you can only join through a special invite link that only the Guild Leader has access to. If you’re part of a trading guild (ie Open Journal) but you’re not part of your guild’s Guild yet, simply message the assigned Guild Leader or the heads of your guild to send you the invitation link.

Each user can only join ONE (1) GUILD. Although you can leave a Guild to join another, it’s imperative that you stay in your FINAL GUILD BEFORE THE TRADING CUP STARTS. Once the competition starts, you are NOT ALLOWED to leave your current Guild anymore.

2. SCORING SYSTEM. The rankings will play a huge role in the scoring, not just the number of participants from a Guild that makes the Top 20. The higher your rank, the higher the points you bring home for your Guild. We will tally the Guild with the most points at the end. The Guild with the most accumulated points at the end of the competition will be crowned as “The Best Performing Trading Guild”

3. CASH PRIZES. The more Double Up Pass Holders you have in your Guild will equate to more cash prizes if your Guild wins. Each Double Up Pass Holder will add PHP 500.00 to your Guild’s cash prize. Invite your teammates and win up to PHP 100,000.00! (Note that the Guild Cash Prize is on top of the individual cash prizes)

Basically this means that YOUR GUILD will determine your potential prizes. Everyone is incentivized to have as much Double Up Pass Holders in their Guild as possible to maximize the cash prizes in the scenario that their Guild is crowned the “The Best Performing Trading Guild”

Each Guild’s starting potential prize is PHP 0. For each Double Up Pass Holder part of a Guild, the potential cash prize will increase by PHP500.

In order to win PHP100,000 if your Guild wins you guys will need a total of 200 Double Up Pass Holders. (We can check how many DU Pass Holders a Guild has on our end)

Computation: 200 x 500 = 100,000

So if your Guild only has 100 Double Up Pass Holders; if your Guild wins you will receive PHP50,000 in cash prizes for the Guild.

Computation: 100 x 500 = 50,000

In the scenario that the winning Guild only has 10 members, for example, that Guild will only win PHP5,000 in cash prizes.

Computation: 10 x 500 = 5,000

The cash prize for the winning Guild will be deposited to the GUILD LEADER.

So to maximize the potential winnings of your Guild bags the top spot, make sure to encourage your community members and friends to join the Trading Cup with the Double Up Pass! The more members with the Double Up Pass, the bigger the potential rewards if you win.


So that’s all you need to know about our newest INVESTA GUILD feature and its implications to the Investa Trading Cup 2021: Ready Set Trade. Goodluck to all participants and may the best Guild win!

For those who are interested to join the Investa Trading Cup 2021: Ready Set Trade, click here.

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