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Our New and Upgraded Investa vTrade: Limit Orders

Let us give you a scenario to think about: You’re at your office desk patiently waiting for stock ABC to breakout and create a new all-time high once it breaches 5 pesos, it reaches 4.50, then 4.70, then 4.85. However, your boss suddenly calls for a meeting. You’re unable to watch the stock and simply hope for it to wait for you. The meeting ends after 30 minutes, but when you get back to your desk and quickly click alt+tab stock ABC is already up 30% from your buypoint. If you’ve experienced this, you know the struggle of being unable to watch the market throughout the day. Countless opportunities are lost due to the simple reason of being unable to execute during the day.

So, is this just how it’s going to be? One of the main reasons why those with full-time jobs chose to pass on the Trading Cup last year was due to the fact that they’re not always able to trade during market hours because of work reasons. Don’t worry, this time we got you covered. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can now take advantage of the opportunities in the market. We’re now introducing our new and upgraded Investa VTrade!

You can now input orders and view your VTrade portfolio straight from your charts for much smoother and easier access. Simply choose the stock you want to purchase then click buy on the right side of the chart to place your order. Choose which portfolio you would like to purchase the stock. Then place your order price and the number of shares you would like to buy.


For those who are really busy, you can now choose and wait for a stock at a price you want to buy it using our new LIMIT ORDER! Simply choose your order expiry if you want it to be at the end of the day or when you cancel it. Once you click buy/sell, your order will be posted and will be executed when your bid/ask price is met. Now you don’t need to worry about being unable to watch the market the entire day!

Given that the Trading Cup is still a virtual trading competition, whenever you want to buy or sell a stock you used to need to do it at the market price in real-time. With our new Limit Orders, you can now set a buy order at a lower price as you wait for a stock to hit the support level or at a higher price as you wait for a stock to breakout. After setting your buy order, all you need to do is simply wait for your entry price to be hit. Not only that, you can also set a target profit so you can sell your position at an intended higher price without watching it the whole day. However, you will not be able to cut your losses automatically, so execution on risk management will still be done manually. To check the status of your limit orders, simply go to the Pending Orders tab.

Here are some examples

We know that every participant in the Trading Cup is going for the top spot, one missed trade can tremendously impact the outcome at the tail end of the competition. We understand the struggle of watching a stock for a long period of time, patiently waiting for it to hit your buy point, just to miss out on it because of a sudden meeting or anything that can make you unavailable to check the market. That’s why our team worked day and night to develop a feature that will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities of the market no matter where you are.

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