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Investagrams Trading Cup 2018 Rules

Competition Rules

Mechanics UPDATE

To promote diversification, maximum exposure in a single stock can only be 1/3 or 33.33% of the portfolio. This requires the player to buy at least 3 different stocks should they want to fully invest their portfolio. The system won’t allow you to allocate more than 33.33% in a single stock.

2. You can BUY the same stock for any number of times within a day (as many tranches as you want), but you can only SELL the same stock TWO (2) times in a day. This will be observed in order to avoid abuse.

For example: If you bought $ALI at 40 then sold it at 41, then you have only 1 sell left for $ALI within the day.

3. Upon buying a stock, you can only sell it after 20 minutes. This will protect the competition against ‘rinse-and-repeat abuses on ILLIQUID STOCKS’ that are not realistically in-line with real market mechanics.

4. For stocks that are 3.00 and below + (other illiquid stocks may be added)

  • 20 mins holding period if you’re taking profits
  • 5 mins hold before you can cut loss

5. Any player that have more than 20% of their profits from rinse-and-repeat wide spread, illiquid and other abusive trades will be penalized or DISQUALIFIED depending on the severity of their offenses. We will be able to validate this through our algorithms that verify the trading history of each participant.

Day trading opportunities on natural market moves are OK, but please take note that the Investagrams team will be on full-guard against participants that abuse illiquid opportunities. Abuse of intraday spread trades will NOT BE TOLERATED. These rules are set to protect against the usual ‘rinse-and-repeat’ abuses that are mostly used in virtual trading competitions like this.

We want our winners to show real trading skill. 

Please read more about ‘rinse-and-repeat trading abuse’ and why this is not characteristic of a realistic trading strategy in this link:

6. Investagrams has the right to remove any stock from the list should it suddenly become illiquid and abusable.  Furthermore, Investagrams may also add new stocks on the tradeable list as new stocks become more active and tradeable in the market. All changes will be announced before implementation. In such cases that a stock is to be removed, we will follow this process:

a. Before removing a stock, Investagrams shall notify all the participants via the Investagrams Platform
b. The participants who have the stock in their portfolio must sell it WITHIN ONE (1) day after the announcement.
c. Failure to sell the said stock will result to Investagrams automatically selling it at the opening price the next trading day.

7. Any stocks that will go below Php 10 million in average value trade and becomes wide in its spreads may be considered for removal.

8. Stocks that are on a trading halt will not be tradeable. A halted stock will only become tradeable again after 2 minutes from its trading resumption. If you already have a ‘halted stock’ in your portfolio then you may have the option to dispose it early or hold it until it resumes.

9. Player Rankings are constantly updated every 10-minutes and automatically ranked by the Investagrams system according to net profit gain/loss. Traders within top 1 to 40 will constantly be checked.

10. At the end of the competition, the players with the highest net profits will win. The top 1 to 40 players shall be announced the official winners.

11. Any form of hacks, cheats, and abuses shall not be tolerated and will have corresponding repercussions. Suspicious behavior that may not be specified in the rules may also be flagged as ‘abusive’ trading behavior. Warnings shall be sent after the Investagrams team has reviewed and confirmed that the actions are against the integrity of the competition. All trade records shall be verified and those who fail to follow the rules will be disqualified.

12. In the case of an unexpected event which interrupts the operations of PSE or the system of Investagrams, the competition shall be frozen and paused. Further notice shall be given and trading will resume once everything is back to normal.

13. Shorting will not be allowed in this competition.

14. Investagrams has the right to modify the rules of the competition and add protective measures against any future abuses that may arise to ensure the integrity of the Investagrams Trading Cup 2018. Announcements shall be made if there are any changes. Rest assured, we prioritize keeping the competition as FAIR as possible to all participants.

15. Joining the Investagrams Trading Cup 2018 means that you agree with all the clauses mentioned above.

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