Featured Trader of the Week: HULYO

Let’s give a round of applause to HULYO for being this week’s Featured Trader! 

HULYO has been a member of the Investagrams community since 2020 and has been an active member of our community. Along with being an IT automation engineer, HULYO also actively trades and is very interactive with other traders.

A few days ago, our featured trader posted his thoughts for PSE:SCC. One of the stronger stocks in the local markets recently, SCC mainly operates through the production and sale of coal. 

Amidst the poor market conditions, HULYO still looks for opportunities, and one of the opportunities spotted was PSE:SCC. As PSE:SCC rose from its bottom, it wasn’t safe from market drawdowns as shareholders experienced sell-offs. However, it is still noticeable that the uptrend is still intact, and the stock appears to have formed a continuation pattern. 


In terms of price action, PSE:SCC is in a clear uptrend despite the rough market conditions. Without making anything too complex, higher highs and higher lows are continually being established. It isn’t in the strongest of uptrends as drawdowns from the tops are wide, but the fact that it still is in an upward general direction while others are falling isn’t something to take lightly. As with what HULYO mentions in his post, the recent breakout could signal that it is receiving enough demand to boost it towards higher targets. One of the biggest supply areas that it needs to take out would be around the 40 area, with the next one being its ATH level of 50.


PSE:SCC focuses mainly on coal production. With coal prices rising rapidly in the commodities market due to supply disruptions, PSE:SCC stands to benefit from increased margins as they will be able to sell their inventories at higher prices. Although the shift toward renewable energy has started, coal is expected to remain one of the sources of energy production for the next few years. It is forecasted that coal prices will stay elevated for a foreseeable future. 

What should be my next step?

As we have constantly been mentioning, the current market environment is not suitable for newbie traders. Even though PSE:SCC has been strong thus far, shareholders will still most likely experience a lot of volatility. There will be a lot more opportunities later on not just in this stock, but in others as well. However, should you want to trade PSE:SCC it would be more advisable to wait for retracements and to keep your positions light. Risk management becomes even more essential during bad market conditions like the one we are experiencing now. 

Once again, KUDOS to HULYO for being this week’s Featured Trader! Enjoy your 14-day InvestaPrime Access and continue to be an inspiration to the trading community.

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