Trading Cup Defense: What to Expect

Investa TCup 2021 is coming to a close as the Tcup defense is fast approaching this Saturday, February 19 from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If you haven’t secured a slot for the event, register here

Investagrams has been hosting the biggest trading event in the Philippines for over 5 years with the goal of seeking and bringing together the country’s best traders in the industry. Winners will not only receive cash prizes, but will also get the chance to defend their winning trades to the community and share their insights to fellow professionals as well.

What to expect for Trading Cup Defense 2021


The Trading Cup tournament isn’t only to recognize and award the best traders, but it is for Investagrams to grow the trading community among Filipinos, help them in their journey to be successful traders, and bring them towards financial freedom. 

Everyone will get the chance to listen LIVE from the TOP 10 TRADERS of Trading Cup 2021 as they show us their different strategies and techniques that they used to grab a spot at the leaderboards of the tournament. Despite all the turmoil happening in our global economy from political dispute, FED tapering, and surge of COVID-19 cases, these pro-traders were still able to secure up to 120% gains on their trades.

From a champion who got himself out of a -60% hole taking him 4 years to recover, a 3rd year college student who ranked 2nd in the tournament, and the first ever female winner who bagged in a total of 50.35%, these traders are a MUST WATCH and role models to the community.

How did they do it?


That’s what we’re about to find out this Saturday. This opportunity only comes once every year to connect with professional traders, learn their trading strategies and psychologies in the market, and master different techniques that you can apply on your trades as well. 

Who knows, you might be the next Investa Cup Champion on the next one!

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