New PSE Data Plan: Everything You Need to Know

It’s been 7 years since we’ve provided free and accessible tools, education, and real-time data for the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), and we are grateful that all of you have supported us in this journey. 

However, The PSE has implemented changes in our Data Agreements, wherein every Investa user who is accessing real-time data, whether free or paying user, will cost us a fee depending on their data access. Previously we were only being charged for paying users.

We understand that some may be confused and have a few questions regarding the charts, market depth, and the data plan itself, so expect all your questions and concerns to be answered in this article. 


For our free users, you can still access charts and other free tools with a 15-minute delay in data. Please note the following limiters on certain tools for free users:

InvestaJournal  Value of portfolio holding is delayed for 15-minutes PSE PLAN 1
StockJockey  PSE PLAN 1
Watcher  Watcher stock data shown is delayed for 15-minutes PSE PLAN 1
Projected Price Not accessible for free users PSE PLAN 2
Market Summary  Data is delayed by 15-minutes PSE PLAN 1


ALL STOCKS  The ‘All Stock’ tab is delayed for 15-minutes PSE PLAN 1
WATCHER  The Watcher data is delayed for 15-minutes PSE PLAN 1
BID & ASK / MARKET DEPTH  Bid & Ask is blurred  PSE PLAN 2
PROSCREENER (In Chart) Real Time screening is unavailable PSE PLAN 1
TRANSACTIONS  Transaction data shown are delayed but time of transaction will be kept PSE PLAN 1
WIN/LOSE The Win/Lose tab data is delayed by 15-minutes.  PSE PLAN 1
PORTFOLIO (In Chart) Virtual Portfolio View on the charts is delayed by 15-minutes. PSE PLAN 1



With the new Data Agreements, there are two (2) types of Data Plans you can subscribe to: 

PSE PLAN 1: Real-Time data 

PSE PLAN 2: Real-Time data + FULL Market Depth (Complete Bid & Ask Table)

If you’re only looking for real-time data, you can subscribe for as low as 29.17/month. 

To see the full packages (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) with complete pricing, kindly check it out here:



For our InvestaPrime, Prime+, and Prime Elite subscribers, PSE Plan 1 is free and inclusive of the subscription plans. 

We decided to shoulder the cost of the real time data to all Prime users: Prime, Prime+ and Prime Elite subscriptions. However, it will be hard for the company to shoulder the Market Depth as well for any subscription as it has a separate cost. That is why we decided to offer it as an ala carte, same with the cost PSE charging us per user.

To get access to full market depth, you will need to subscribe to PSE Plan 2. 

But of course, besides the complimentary PSE Plan 1, our InvestaPrime subscribers all get access to the best trading tools, analytics, and features like:

  • FULL access to Investa Watcher with unlimited ALERTS.
  • FULL access to Investa Proscreener with Built-In Screeners.
  • FULL access to Investa Chart
  • FULL access to Stock Jockey
  • FULL access to Investa Smart Calculator
  • FULL access to Investa Backtest
  • FULL access to Investa Terminal
  • FULL access to Real Time Monitoring 

Higher Tiers (Prime+ Annual and Elite Annual) also get access to awesome features like:

  • FULL access to Invest Journal
  • FULL access to InvestaPrime+ Research Group
  • FULL access to monthly Elite Webinars 
  • FULL access to all Investa Premium Videos and Event Archives (100+ hours worth of learning)

To subscribe to the InvestaPrime, just head over to:


Q: Are data from other markets affected on the Investagrams platform?

A: All data from other markets will remain free in Investa, you can still analyze USA, crypto, forex and commodities.


Q: What will happen to new users / new accounts created on Investagrams?

A: New Investa users will get 1 month free real-time data.


Q: Will current Trading Cup 2021 participants be affected? 

A: All Trading Cup 2021 participants will get complimentary access to PSE Plan 1 until the end of the competition, January 28, 2022. 


Q: Is level 2 PSE Data included in the Prime Subscription?

A: No, Prime subscription includes complimentary level 1 data. You can add level 2 PSE data plan here:


Q: Can you have a Data Plan solely for Market Depth?
A: We cannot provide a market depth only plan since you cannot use it without real time data. Our plans are also based on the tiering of PSE.




Do not worry mga Ka-Investa, we are only charging within our cost. This is the only way we know that we can still serve you while also abiding to the PSE’s mandate.

Rest assured that despite any challenges we may face, we will continue to provide free education on trading and investments. The entire Investa Team will continue to work hard to achieve our visions of enabling 10 million Filipinos to achieve financial freedom. 

PS: If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels or InvestaChat, we would love to assist you! 

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