Investa Summit is Back and Now Prepares You For Stock Market, Crypto, NFTs, & New Ways to Get Rich!

Want to bag the Next Gen Money? Fret not as the Investa Summit 2021 will launch this September 28, 2021 to show you the new earning opportunities and help you maximize your profits in Stock Market, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Global Markets! We have invited top experts in the finance industry to give you valuable insights and tactics to help you achieve financial freedom.

Now in its 5th year, Investa Summit has gathered esteemed speakers both locally and globally who have truly mastered the craft. We will be giving you the chance to learn straight from:

  • Javi Medina, Managing Director of Buhawi Investment Management; 
  • Edmund Lee,  President and CEO of Caylum Trading Institute;
  • Julian Tarrobago, Chief Investment Officer of Unionbank;
  • George Asibal, the founder and CEO of Zeefreaks tribe;
  • Jonathan Lou Reyes, a decade trader in the forex market from XM;
  • Lawrence Lee, President and CEO of CTS Global;
  • Michael Enriquez, President and Chief Investments Officer of Sun Life;
  • Matt Cabangon, the President of AAA Equities;
  • Marvin Fausto, President and CIO of COL Investment Management;
  • Luis Buenaventura II, CEO of BloomX and a renowned author;
  • Miguel Liboro, ATRAM’s Head of Fixed Income;
  • Emmanuel Deiparine, well-experienced Crypto trader; 
  • Irving Ching, the head coach of The Foundation; 
  • Jem Francisco, a mentor of more than 3000 students in CI Program;
  • Marso, a successful full-time NFT Artist;
  • Aaron Ramos of MagnusTV, an NFT game enthusiast; and
  • Christian Silverio, Investa’s very own Resident Trader

We are also honored to have in our ALL-STAR speaker roster these notable international traders & finance figures:

  • Tom Basso, Market Wizard, the former CEO of the Trendstat Capital Management, Inc.; 
  • Michael Covel, the author behind the international bestseller book titled TurtleTrader; 
  • George Tkaczuk, US investing champion of 2020;
  • Mark Ritchie II, featured in the notable Momentum Masters book;
  • Matt Caruso, Behaviour finance expert and top 4 in US Investing Championship; 
  • Louise Bedford also known as the ‘Candlestick Queen’ of Australia; and
  • Colin Goltra, the director of Binance in Southeast Asia.

We’ve always wanted to educate fellow Filipinos in a holistic manner and this year, we are progressing towards a unique learning experience for everyone,” Joanne Marquez, one of the project heads for this event, said.

According to Marquez, this event is going to be an exciting Summit for all traders/investors out there because this will bring together a rare mix of speakers who are market wizards, professional and institutional traders in their field, and those who have actually changed their lives through trading the stock market (local and globally), Cryptos, NFTs and a lot more – a rare opportunity that can take your skills to a higher level.

Investa Summit 2021 is organized by Investa, founded by three Filipino millennials namely JC Bisnar, CEO; and Airwyn Tin, CTO in 2015. Investa is the leading social-financial platform and mobile app in the Philippines that provides virtual stock market trading, analytical tools, market education, and a social network to empower traders and investors of all levels. The dream is to increase the investing population of the Philippines to 10 Million Filipinos — and Investa Summit 2021 is just one step towards that.

This event is truly beyond stock market trading as it will help you step foot in the various global and new markets and teach you how to maximize potential profits from it. The basic ticket can be purchased for as low as P1,999.

We hope to see everyone learn and level up from this exciting event!

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