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Virtual Stock Trading: The Game and The Reality

The beauty of Virtual Reality games is to know the promising power it can bring in both the simulated environment and the real world itself. Virtual Reality is defined to be a near reality we experience as human beings. Even the what-ifs can be answered when we are immersed into different perspectives on game actions. 

Just like any other games, the Virtual Stock Market Trading is also created for almost the same purpose. You get to be a billionaire and buy all of the things you never had, just like Travie McCoy!

With just a few clicks, you can have your own 7-figure cash on your virtual trading account. Yes, that’s right. Remember, everything is virtual and temporary, just like your money in the game. You can also play with your own money and apply several strategies on how to buy and sell stocks. You can both gain and lose. However, whatever you gain, stays in the game. Everything is unreal.

Apart from enjoying your gains, you get the educational benefit from the game itself! Here’s the reality of how Virtual Stock Market Trading can help you become a better trader.

Reading while training

Every experienced and well-skilled investor started as a beginner. And one thing to learn about Virtual Stock Market trading is that you can start to learn on two sides, while reading and being involved with a practical training on the virtual platform. It is not necessary to start off with a real portfolio unless your heart is ready for the risks you are willing to take. With this way, it will also let you assess the areas in learning on which you need to learn more.

Strategic application

Aside from attending webinars, watching educational videos on Investagrams’ Youtube Channel, or even reading the financial journey of Warren Buffett, you can apply every strategy you have learned in Virtual Trading. 

Where’s the fun in this? You can buy any and every stock you want to try and play with. While you’re at it, you can slowly understand the movement and the dynamics of the market. Apply both your knowledge in strategies and analysis, get to meet and understand every possible challenge you may encounter.

Identifying your risks and improving your risk management

Most of all, in the Virtual Trading Game, you can identify the risk and possibly avoid them once you trade in the real market. Remember that when you lose, you lose nothing. While carefully exploring the world of risks, you can build up and create a better and healthy psychological environment for your emotions. In handling money, you do not only think of the risks and rewards, you must strengthen yourself to be able to fight without being dependent on your emotions.

Preparing for the real world

Post-Evaluation is always important in your trading. Just like how you track your income and expenses, you should always treat both your gains and losses as a ground for your educational growth. Keep in mind that everything is a simulation which serves as a preparation for you, but always expect beyond your immersive experiences. Always remember to journalize and track down the reasons why you gain and you lose. 

The best part of Virtual Trading is that you have no costs at all, even your mistakes and losses. Think of this as playing in the real game! Are you ready for this, player one?

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