5 Things I Realized After Making My First Million at 20 Years Old

I’m 22 and I made my first million back when I was only 20 years old. Here are 5 things I learned after that life-changing event:

1. Your school and grades are not everything.

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I failed more than a dozen times in college and I thought my life was over, until the day I earned my first few pesos from trading the Stock Market—my first stock was Ayala Land by the way.

Here in the Philippines, we are taught that going to a reputable university and being a good student are the only ways to land a great career and be financially free. While this can be true at times, the current status of most young adults in our country says otherwise.

You know why? Because the number of graduates doesn’t match the number of employees needed by corporations. The reality is you have to compete with other fresh graduates or worse, those that already have work experience. How can someone who doesn’t have any experience compete with someone who are already tenured?

This is also the reason why I LOVE the Stock Market. First of all, it doesn’t care about YOU, your Educational Status, the amount of Money you have, or even your Connections.

Everyone is in equal footing when it comes to STOCKS and those who work hard consistently and put their focus on things that truly matter wins.

2. You won’t succeed if you don’t take calculated risks.

Remember the word “CALCULATED.”

Someone once said, “A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are built for.”

If you see the stock market like a casino, it will treat you as a gambler; but if you treat it as a great source of wealth, it will give you what you work and sweat for. I’m not saying that you should start investing your life savings and, in a few days, expect to become a millionaire. It doesn’t work that way. Every one of us has different risk profile and risk appetite: Younger people can be more aggressive than those who are older, a single person can take more risks than a married person… AND GUESS WHAT? THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE!

No matter how early or late you start, if you put your focus on mastering risk and analyzing companies, YOU CAN STILL BE SUCCESSFUL in this field.

I’m not pushing you to invest in stocks and change your life if you are happy and contented to with what you’re currently doing. If you’re happy with the path you’re on, keep going and ever stop! But if you think the stock market might be the path for you, why not give it a try? The stock market is a great avenue for you to build wealth and have more time for the things that truly matter. Start planting seeds today because sometimes before you know it, it’s too late.

Seeds can be destroyed by the storm, scorched by the heat of the sun, or inundated by the flood. YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR SEED because a Fruit Bearing Tree that can feed your family is 100% worth the Risk.

3. Money is a tool, but it alone won’t make you happy.

Money is a tool, but it won’t make you happy—but it can buy you time which you can use to be with the people you love, travel to places you’ve never been, ride a jetski, ride a helicopter, experience skydiving, and live without the anxiety that tends to come every time it’s time to pay the bills. Do you get what I’m saying here?

The truth is, the LACK of money will not make you happy as well. In fact, it will likely make you miserable and unable to enjoy the better things in life.

Money in itself won’t make us happy, but the THINGS we buy, the EXPERIENCES we share, the SECURITY we give our family, and the TIME we spent to fulfill our Purpose and Calling. That is true happiness.

“and above all our dreams and aspirations, we should also remember to use money to love people and not use people just because we love money. “

4. You can, but only if you will.

YOU CAN achieve whatever you want in this world if YOU WILL start putting in the work.
YOU CAN be a better person if YOU WILL take failures as lessons.
YOU CAN master any craft that you want to master if YOU WILL focus on building your skills and talents.
YOU CAN reach greater heights if YOU WILL be willing to give up the good for the best.
YOU CAN make a change in your country if YOU WILL make time to change and improve yourself.
YOU CAN be what you want to be if YOU WILL be willing to write your own destiny.
YOU CAN do the impossible if YOU WILL decide to take on the challenge.

5. Money is never the end goal.

The true goal is to reach a point when you can say to yourself: You’ve finally made it! You’ve finished the race, fought the good fight, and made an impact on the people around you.

This is also the reason why we started Investagrams. We wanted to share how investing can change your life and the lives of the people under your influence. We wanted to cause a ripple effect strong enough to influence more Filipinos here and abroad.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I’m really hoping that this will help and inspire you to find your purpose, reach your dreams, and fulfill your calling.

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