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InvestaPro is a new feature in which you can pick between dozens of smart - stock watchlists that filters and rank stocks based on your preference.

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Investa's Proprietary Ranking System

InvestaPro automatically ranks stocks based on Investa’s Proprietary Formulas that will help you prioritize stocks that you want accordingly.

Analysis Without Paralysis

No fuss stock screening. Quickly pick between dozens of smart-generated stock watchlists based on your preference in just few clicks.

Market Data

The real-time, up-to-date smart watchlists comes along with the extensive customization opportunities that runs in an instant and still gets the most relevant results whatever time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is InvestaPro?

InvestaPro is like the Spotify for stock watchlisting, it sorts stocks based on your preference and automatically ranks and prioritize the stocks just like your top songs on your favorite playlist!

How does InvestaPRO Rank Stocks?

It is based on multi-variable factors that assesses and measures the main trend, rate of momentum strength, and overall market sentiment.

How can InvestaPRO help you in your trading?

InvestaPRO simplifies the entire process of stock screening using the ranking system. You can now focus your efforts on stocks that rank the highest based on our smart - generated watchlists.

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