Chosen by the INVESTAGRAMS team for their outstanding performances in the past two INVESTAGRAMS TRADING CUP competitions, OPEN JOURNAL offers a unique style on engaging the markets—one that is often misunderstood but used by some of the best traders around the world.

Subscribers gain private access not only to the intricacies of the trading system but would also gain access to ‘trading support’ to help traders focus their capital on where the uptrending opportunities are NOT just in Philippines but across global markets as well.

What we teach inside is a setup-based system that incorporates directional bias through the Elliott Wave principle. We share and "open" our experiences and studies with the other traders inside -- same techniques that we use in our fund management service w/ our clients. More than teaching the system, Open Journal is also a community of like-minded individuals whose mission is to continuously "evolve" with the markets.


PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION gets you private access to:

Exclusive Training Videos and Trade Discussions

Learning Modules: instructional videos that teach a simple yet effective trading system for engaging financial markets

Trade Walkthroughs Modules: video illustration of actual trades executed—both losing & winning trades

Live Video Chart Sessions: quality chart studies and insights of requested stocks by community members

Exclusive Training Videos and Trade Discussions

Insights & Opportunities in Global Markets

Written Macro Insights: Using Technical Analysis to help understand what’s happening across global financial markets. This is for the purpose of understanding where the major opportunities & risks are.

Weekly Trade Opportunities: compilation of “set-up-based” opportunities using techniques and tools detailed in the instructional video modules

Private Access to a subscriber-only INVESTAGRAMS page for 24/7 community discussions

Insights & Opportunities in Global Markets

Live Town Hall and Coaching Sessions

Town Halls: monthly market outlook & meet-ups to explain & flesh-out techniques, concepts taught in videos

Town Halls (Video Version): for fellow OFW’s, those outside MM & non-Filipino’s abroad

1 on 1 Consultations: monthly slots made available to community members to privately consult on specific concerns (via live or Zoom)

Live Town Hall and Coaching Sessions


If you have questions about the InvestaUniversity or would like to partner with us, you may reach us through [email protected]

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Open Journal
Open Journal provides guidance, insights, and a championship-caliber trading system – focused on maximizing opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.
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About open journal
Open Journal is a premium trading community on the Investagrams platform that provides private access to the guidance and mentorship under 3x Philippine Stock Market Champion & CMT, Jav Medina and his team at Buhawi Investment Management (B.I.M.)

Jav provides a wealth of insight and experience with more than a decade as a licensed professional in the financial markets; and having had the opportunity to work with and train under some of the best local and international traders & coaches in the investment management industry. His team at Buhawi has generated net profits of well over 9 digits in the markets, while managing close to half a billion across different financial markets; and with a professional track record of outperforming the $PSE:PSEI for almost every year since 2010.

Open Journal essentially offers private access to the same kind of thinking, guidance, strategies, and resources that have generated one of the best trading track records in the industry in the pursuit of maximizing the opportunity present in the Cryptocurrency markets. It's an opening of our journal, providing a private access to the way that we look at the financial markets, to see both the opportunities we're pursuing and why.
Our ethos
Arrogance and ego come before any kind of fall. We engage markets with a deep sense of humility and always with a “student of the market” mentality.
The purpose of all wealth is love. We are generous with our learnings and insights and strive to uplift everyone in our community.
Discipline to Learn
Markets are essentially a learning game, and the compounding of our learnings will always be more important than the compounding of our earnings.
Responsible Risk-Taking
We embrace markets with a “risk-first” mentality. We are open-minded to new ideas while we faithfully allocate capital based on our time-tested investment process.
Giving respect serves as a bedrock for everyday dealings. We seek to understand others before being understood ourselves. We believe that any difference in views & convictions should never be bigger than the relationships involved.
Honesty & Transparency
We adopt the belief and best practice that it is through radical truth and transparency that we make way for meaningful work and meaningful relationships.
Meet the team
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Co-Founder and Managing Director
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Matt Flores
Co-Founder and General Manager
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Technical Analyst
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Co-Founder and Managing Director
Jav is an Asian Poker Tour Champion turned 3-time Philippine Stock Market champion – including 1st Place Champion in the first ever Philippine Investagrams Trading Cup in 2017. He started his investment career with COL Financial Group in 2010, managing money for high-net worth and institutional clients where he has since built his investment management practice.

Currently, he is the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Buhawi Investment Management (BIM) and one of the founders of Open Journal (OJ); and for the last half decade, has also been an active consultant, speaker and mentor, giving over 200+ public lectures on Classical Technical Analysis, Global Macro trends, Trend Following Systems, Market Cycles, Risk Management and Trading Psychology both locally and internationally.

Jav started OJ in late 2019 while consistently and publicly warning Filipino investors/traders in the community about an impending global market crash that would take the $PSEi down at least -30%. He did this while convincing Filipino traders/investors to move to the Cryptocurrency markets instead where he thought the biggest long-term opportunities were.

Today, he is actively focused on managing a select few clients through BIM, while guiding and mentoring the OJ community to understand and navigate the local and global financial markets space with a focus on the Cryptocurrency market.
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Matt Flores
Co-Founder and General Manager
Matt started his career leading multinational teams in global business intelligence and data analytics, before eventually leaving the technology sector and enrolling in one of the country’s lead investment recruitment programs in 2013. As early as his first year in the financial markets, he had already been entrusted by various investment platforms to lead seminars in both financial literacy and technical analysis. In 2014, he eventually joined the COL Financial Group as an Equity Portfolio Manager and Trader, where he has since managed a discretionary equity fund that has since outperformed the PH benchmark index.

Currently, Matt serves as General Manager and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Buhawi Investment Management (BIM) and as Co-Founder of Open Journal (OJ), where he now focuses on managing a growing portfolio of assets in the local and global markets while sharing his financial learnings to the OJ community.

Matt uses his equity knowledge in outperforming the PSEi to lead monthly trade walkthroughs for the local Philippine markets and to head the coaching sessions for OJ users. He further gives regular talks on the Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX), and has been featured several times on

As an active member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila, the first and premier leadership organization established in all of Asia, Matt is a strong advocate for empowering servant leadership, where he further conducts financial literacy seminars to teach people the value of saving and investing.
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Ed Bayangos
Technical Analyst
Ed is an accountant by training – originally working in tax consulting litigation for one of the country’s largest accounting firms, before moving on to become an equity research analyst for a New York Stock Exchange-listed company. Having been an active trader since university, Ed joined the Open Journal community in 2020, training and working his way up to eventually become a fleet captain.

Currently, Ed serves as a technical analyst with Open Journal, assisting in the general management functions of the company. He executes project management in Open Journal, supervising its upcoming videos on demand service for Open Journal Subscribers.

Having completed a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the De La Salle University - Dasmarinas as a consistent Dean’s Lister, his financial knowledge is supplemented by extensive training from the country's largest investing communities, together with practical experience trading in the US, Cryptocurrency, and Philippine markets. As Open Journal's Breakout Trader of the Year for 2021, Ed is a rising trader to watch out for in the community.
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