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Go DEEP into online instructional training videos, trading research support and live events that will help fast track your development in the stock market.


Chosen by the INVESTAGRAMS team for their outstanding performances in the past two INVESTAGRAMS TRADING CUP competitions, OPEN JOURNAL offers a unique style on engaging the markets—one that is often misunderstood but used by some of the best traders around the world.

Subscribers gain private access not only to the intricacies of the trading system but would also gain access to ‘trading support’ to help traders focus their capital on where the uptrending opportunities are NOT just in Philippines but across global markets as well.


PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION gets you private access to:


  • Learning Modules: instructional videos that teach a simple yet effective trading system for engaging financial markets
  • Trade Walkthroughs Modules: video illustration of actual trades executed—both losing & winning trades
  • Live Video Chart Sessions: quality chart studies and insights of requested stocks by community members


  • Written Macro Insights: Using Technical Analysis to help understand what’s happening across global financial markets. This is for the purpose of understanding where the major opportunities & risks are.
  • Weekly Trade Opportunities: compilation of “set-up-based” opportunities using techniques and tools detailed in the instructional video modules
  • Private Access to a subscriber-only INVESTAGRAMS page for 24/7 community discussions


  • Town Halls: monthly market outlook & meet-ups to explain & flesh-out techniques, concepts taught in videos
  • Town Halls (Video Version): for fellow OFW’s, those outside MM & non-Filipino’s abroad
  • 1 on 1 Consultations: monthly slots made available to community members to privately consult on specific concerns (via live or Zoom)


OPEN JOURNAL is the official subscription service offered by DEEPTECH INVESTMENT MGT.

DEEPTECH INVESTMENT MGT. is an independent cross-asset active investment firm whose mission is to deliver superior investment results under the strictest risk controls. We do this with the highest levels of integrity and in the most client-centric approach possible.

We are focused on the full discretionary management of client and proprietary assets in financial markets through a technical-based approach.

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