Rainy Day Reading List

Though we are slowly easing out of ECQ and some semblance of normalcy can be seen, many of us still have much more time on our hands than we are used to. Plus, with the rainy season fast approaching, the cozy atmosphere makes for the perfect time to delve into books! Below we have compiled a list of books to read, ranging from business and finance to fiction books perfect for rainy days or whenever you feel like letting your mind wander away from reality for a bit.

The Power of Habit (2014) by Charles Duhigg

We all know that habits are an essential part of our lives – but this book goes even deeper in showing that habits are present in every single thing we do. Finding the right habits and understanding how to stick to them is essential to success, and this book dives deep into what exactly habits are and how to mold them into self-propelling drivers for success. It goes across the globe, from top companies to the Civil Rights Movement, to explore just how essential habits are in creating success.

Rich Dad Poor Dad (1997) by Robert T. Kiyosaki

One of the most well-read non-fiction books, it teaches valuable lessons about money. One of the key takeaways from Kiyosaki’s book is the importance of investing early and instilling this in the youth. Many lessons can be learned about the value of money, how to make it work for you, and how to make the most of what you are given.

The Essays of Warren Buffet: Lessons for Corporate America (Fifth Edition, revised 2019) by Warren Buffet and Lawrence Cunningham

This collection is like a treasure chest for would-be investors – with tips and tricks from one of the most prominent investors in the world, this book provides knowledgeable insights on the stock market and how to work around it with ease. This is a collection of letters written to Buffet’s shareholders throughout the years, giving any reader insider knowledge on the workings of one of the most successful investors of all time.

The Intelligent Investor (1949) by Benjamin Graham

A cult classic for investors, this book has laid the groundwork for many prominent trading philosophies today. Warren Buffet himself swears by this book, and though publishes more than 50 years ago, its trade secrets still hold true today. Though not the easiest book to digest, the concepts introduced are definitely worth the read.

Grit (2016) by Angela Duckworth

A must-read for anyone struggling to find meaning in their work, set direction in life, or simply just looking for some extra motivation. Each page is packed full with wisdom and scientific knowledge to back up claims about motivation and hard work, allowing everyday readers to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to truly find the drive and motivation to persevere. It is easy to follow along with and an engaging read, sure to captivate readers of all ages and professions.

The Bluest Eye (1970) by Toni Morrison

The first novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, this novel has become a hallmark of the fight against racism in America. It explores the early life of a young, African-American girl named Pecola who faces oftentimes subverted but sometimes painstaking, blatant racism in the years following the Great Depression. Told through the point of view of people around her, it paints a clear picture of just how deep the roots of racism grow in American culture.

Kafka on the Shore (2002) by Haruki Marukami

By world-renowned Japanese author Haruki Marukami, this book is often praised to be the best book to start with by the author. It was named one of the 10 Best Books of 2005 by The New York Times, and engages readers with its enticing use of language and imagery. Telling the intertwining stories of a young boy and ageing man, it paints a picture that is detached from reality with its magic realism, yet is strangely able to hit home at the same time.

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