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Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·


Market faded again at 8100. for now let's observe if we can hold 7980 - 8000.

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Jonathan Capistrano @JCapistrano ·

@jcbisnar looks good for me nothing to worry as long as 7900 area hold nanjan c TF traders whahahahaha

Will of D @Will_of_D ·

Who will win in this rematch? $psei? we traders and investors? The brokers?
why not all :-)

--will there be a rematch? (que sera sera)
--pahinga ka rin bossing baka ma stress ka

Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

*Caution on a close below 7837*

Jet Mojica @jiegomojica ·

Di po ako "tunay na lalake" pero $CHP looks tradeable down there right? #BOHprocess

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Danilo Mappe @DaniloMappe ·

sir jet mojica, nag oorganize ba kayo ng seminars?

Brian Arcenal @SamJuanBrian ·

salo sa 4.95 - 5.10.haha!

Jp C @JP_C ·

Tunay na lalaki tayo 🙏

Clutch trader @clutch ·

CAL at CHP pang tunay na lalaki sir. salo lang dapat ng salo 😂

Jet Mojica @jiegomojica ·

Dasal dasal nalang na makasalo sa babang baba 😁

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Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

True mastery makes complexities simple.

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Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

@weroll sa ngayon wala pa, pero we'll see what we can do in the future. @airwyn

ROWELL CUAN @weroll ·

Boss, is there a way na masave ung lahat ng settings sa multiple charts?

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Black Swan Trader @blackswantrader ·

Akala ko libre.

Sparkle Skittle @ipitskie ·

thanks po👍

Tiyo Paeng @rafael15 ·

Thanks sir

Jet Mojica @jiegomojica ·

$MRC ~ with luck, we'll get to trade this below 0.31. #woosah

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Jet Mojica @jiegomojica ·

I think Heikin Ashi are prettier but I don't know how to use them. LOL @El

Goal Digger @El ·

Sir @Jet, what is better? Heikin Ashi or Candlestick to describe price movements of a security?

Macavinta John Mark @isochoric ·

looking forward boss 😀 hope we can get an update to you.

Investagrams @investagrams ·

Iba-iba man ng opinyon, pare-parehas naman tayong mga Pilipino! Let's continue to be a partner for Change! Congratulations sa lahat ng kumita! 😀

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John maverick Hulleza @Mavschickee ·

Goodevening Bago po ako dito . Anyone po can help how it works? Ty.

Joel Arcilla @saisonse ·


Arsenal @ArsenalCapitalSec ·

1 year na wala parin. Mr. Extension

Adriam Olasiman @adrianolasiman ·


Trend @iameph ·

Parang same then last year. 😅

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Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

It always seems impossible... until the day you put your heart into it.

This was our first time organizing an event at this scale, we're very happy that we were able to gather solid speakers and a solid crowd!

Big props to my team mates at Investagrams and our ushers and volunteers who helped us execute well. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng sumuporta--from our awesome speakers, sponsors, and of course, to the Investagrams community, whom we offer this event to.

It was a really memorable experience for us, sana sulit ang learning niyo sa araw na to. We hope that you guys enjoyed the #InvestaSummit2017 😀

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Veronica Evasco @EvascoAnn ·

Congrats Investagrams and Sir @jcbisnar! 'Til next time! 😊

Dodong Trader @euls182 ·

Sana meron din sa Davao. ^_^

Macavinta John Mark @isochoric ·

Great JC! congrats!

Michael Hilado @mchilado ·

Hello Sir JC! It was indeed a great learning experience. For those of us who attended, can we get a soft copy of the presentations? Thanks!

Risktaker @criantl ·

Congrats and thank you for sharing. I learned a lot. Hoping that I can apply the tips on my future trade.

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Investagrams @investagrams ·

Gusto mo ba gumaling sa stock market at manalo ng mahigit Php 200,000 in CASH PRIZES?

Gusto mo ba mag-travel at manalo ng TRIP ABROAD?

Gusto mo ba ng full SCHOLARSHIP sa isa sa pinaka mahusay na Trading School sa bansa at maging isang ganap na PRO trader?

Don't miss the BIGGEST virtual STOCK MARKET competition in the Philippines! Join the Investagrams Trading Cup now: https://www.investagrams.com/investasummit#trading-cup


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Alzeus Alzate @AlzeusAlzate ·

@investagrams thank you, gonna wait for further updates regarding the event 😀

Rowel Serrano @RowelSerrano ·

this is a good opportunity specially beginners..

Take Profit @Ktradefx ·

@investagrams t.y. po

Investagrams @investagrams ·

@Ktradefx sorry hindi pa i-email lang namin sainyo ung learning kits soon. Stay tuned po for further announcements. 😀

Investagrams @investagrams ·

@helenjoymenina hnd pa po nagsstart, that is for the normal virtual trading account, pwede na po kayo mag buy and sell lang for the meantime habang hindi pa nagsstart ung competition. Then marereset ulit yan kapag nagstart na ang competition

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Jet Mojica @jiegomojica ·

I'm bullish LME Nickel 2018 and beyond but it's very hard to express this bullish view in terms of local nickel miners. On the one hand, LME Nickel is breaking out (but still below US$10k) because of Pres. DU30's recent anti mining pronouncements. But this same anti-mining sentiment makes it difficult for us to bet on nickel miners.

My sense, anti-mining sentiment will stop to matter once LME Nickel is above US$10,800. For now, abang abang lang muna tayo. #woosah

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Bo Benjie @BoBenjie ·

Good point bro. Keep it up...

Jet Mojica @jiegomojica ·

I've said this once, I'll say it again, the best time to learn about best trading practices and work with trade support providers is when the market is going down, not up. Believe me when I say, you won't learn anything useful when the market is going up. If anything, you'll probably develop a lot of bad habits during up cycles and they're very hard to unlearn.

I believe the market is giving you one last opportunity to learn. Use it.

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Natz Gregorio @NBGREGORIO ·



wow true

Al Oira @Alangkwarta72 ·

opportunity to buy..selecting which stocks that will make u d optimal profit is d hardest part

Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

Agree! Tough markets make great traders.

Aaron Plata @AveTrader ·

This.. 😁 👍

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