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Bo Benjie @BoBenjie ·

$IMI : Now at 16.10 losing -5.29% for the day.
And days to COME.....
Thank you for sending out the INVITES this way.

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Dekra @dekra ·

Hindi na execute ang order ko, last 2 minutes ko na nakita

Bo Benjie @BoBenjie ·

Ganda.... Very enticing and inviting lalo na pag NAG REVERSE ito sometime sooner sana.

Budz @new_budz ·

bought at support. sana hindi na bumaba. oversold na hehe

Brylle Lagunda @BrylleLagunda ·

Mar 21, 2018 #BLReversalTracker
$ALCO - 0.84 👎
$APX - 1.67 👍
$CEB - 96.90 👎
$CLI - 4.70 👍
$EDC - 5.66 👎
$PCOR - 8.75 👎
$SECB - 240.00 👎
$SSP - 2.25 👍
$TEL - 1470.00
$VITA - 1.96 👎

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Jc Fernandez @jcfeu ·

#TBGI "Please be advised that Vitarich was assessed by the BIR the amount of Php 1,294,676,092.26 in relation to Income Tax, VAT, Withholding Taxes, DST, Fringe Benefit Tax for taxable year 2011. Vitarich is taking appropriate legal steps to assail the assessment on the grounds of prescription and lack of factual basis."

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Jc Fernandez @jcfeu ·

Givernment debt

May the Force Be With You @DontWorryBeHappy ·

can I know the correlation of VITA and TBGI? thanks

Jc Fernandez @jcfeu ·

#TBGI Example of debt in the goverment how to settle!
"Vitarich Corporation received on 23 January 2017, the Certificate of Availment issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue granting Vitarich's offer of compromise for the complete settlement of the assessed tax deficiency of Php 1.2B for the year 2011.

Total compromise amount of Php 89.25M was already fully paid and settled last September 9, 2016."

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Bong Co @Pango_ako_Blog ·

Benta ko na lang mga stocks kong meron sa listahan ng letseng eto. Bibili na lang nang wala dyan,. Tuwing bukas ko ito ang nakabungad....

RG @Inhinyera ·

@sanpedro hahhaha

Lishhh @lish515 ·

spammer, daming time eno

Ivan San Pedro @sanpedro ·

Sino ba tong papansin na to. napansin ka kaya okay na.

Miguelito San Juan @msanjuan014 ·


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Jem Francisco @jem888 ·

The Will to Prepare is essential but what's more important is our "Will Power" w/c doesn't even care of any obstacles, doesn't have any limitations, and Most Importantly our Will Power to Stay in this Game so 5-10 years from now you will thank yourself for "Not giving Up".

Our road to Success is not very easy, it's inevitable to lose some battle in order for us to become more "Wiser", "Stronger" and "Better" because We need to fight more than one battle in order to Win it.

"There's no obstacle that you can't overcome, no problem you can't solve, and no goal you can't achieve by applying the power of your mind to your situation"

Don't Give up , Suffer the Consequences now and Live the rest of your existence as one of the Champions in this battle we called life.

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Brylle Lagunda @BrylleLagunda ·

Mar 20, 2018 #BLReversalTracker
$ALCO - 0.85
$APX - 1.56 👎
$CEB - 99.00
$CLI - 4.58 👎
$EDC - 5.72 👍
$PCOR - 8.95 👎
$PRIM - 1.13 👎
$SECB - 251.60 👎
$SSP - 2.23 👎
$VITA - 1.99 👎

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Greenstorax Kaizen @MistahInvest ·

Master traders observe their emotions, feel them from a place of freedom, and then trust their plan and experience.
Amateurs trust their emotions because of their lack of experience, throw their plan out of the window, and try to rationalize it all.
[email protected]

The former focused on risk management and plan execution with discipline while the latter on trading methodologies and opinions.




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Greenstorax Kaizen @MistahInvest ·

Traders-Investors are advised to conduct their own charting; that is before making a purchase decision. These are some of the stocks that performed better. My purpose here is for information and educational purposes for those busy people working all day long.

#Homework #DoUrCharting
#RespectDProcess #TradingPsych

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Nakakakiliting Bigote @fibochastics ·

$PSEI If history will repeat itself, a cross between ema50 and ema100 will lead you to around 20% downward move from the high. Goodnews, so far no cross yet. But it could be inevitable. Stay safe everyone.

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Sino Toh @Sino_Toh ·

@fibochastics eto na ba boss "golden age" na ba? basurero mode na?😂

Nakakakiliting Bigote @fibochastics ·

@kallelcapital ahaha...not all the time, but we somehow make sense...sometimes. 😃

DarkMoon @kallelcapital ·

This is the reason I follow you paps. Also because of your humor.

Nakakakiliting Bigote @fibochastics ·

@djtron well, psei will need all the help it can get.

Dj Tron @djtron ·

I think government spending on infrastructure will help $psei as well as a dynamic government.

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