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$PSEI #DoctorAdventures

Breakout, Range or Breakdown??? With an apparent lack of catalyst (tax reform) and risk averse appetite from foreigners.

What does it mean for the general health of a patient whose minor organs are breaking down and some larger organs are starting to function badly. While the vital organs such as the heart and brain are still holding on, for now, it doesn't look so good.

The body tries to allocate its depleting resources to the most important organs to sustain systematic function while sacrificing those allocated to those others till the rapid breakdown of an organ snowballs into others

Minor- RRHI, DMC, JFC, MEG are getting worse.
Major- ALI, SMPH the heavy guys are starting to look bad.
Vital- AC, SM, JGS struggling to maintain its position.

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Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

good point out

The All In Trader @TAIT ·

$MRC Trade like a crocodile. We patiently wait for our meal & stike hard when the opportunity present itself. One good trade a month is more than enough to get us by until on our next trade. We need to break the rules of risk management from time to time when the price action is too obvious to miss a monster set-up. Repeatedly done this on NOW, MWIDE, ALCO & VITA. Having too many names on our port will not guarantee us a profit. One sure way of growing our port is learn to trade less, wait for the "AAA" set-up. Goodluck on spotting the next killer trade.

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The All In Trader @TAIT ·

@BOMBA I use Guppy EMA's on filtering names from DWM TF. Once i'm in, i use 10, 20 & 50 MA on exiting. I exit one part at the break of each MA. But kung strong bearish candle broke the 10MA, I usually close all my positions.

bomba request @BOMBA ·

nice play boss @TAIT..stochastics & rsi ginagamit m dn ba? or puro MA's lang?

The All In Trader @TAIT ·

@BOMBA In batches boss, before it rallied last year. Sold some for play on other strong trending names. Then I added more shares from the proceeds of my quick play ng mag established ng solid support level.

bomba request @BOMBA ·

nice boss @TAIT..isang batch mo lang ba nabili yung shares mo? or by tranches?

Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

cool boss! glad to know we were able to inspire! please continue to share in our community as well 😁

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LORRAINE SU @kulotko ·

Mainit! mag $VITA coco muna...

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Brent Jacob @BrendoLumanta ·

wala ng ibang tutunguhan kundi ang umakyat! $VITAmins na wala ng energy gap!

EngrTrader @jc_cube ·

nag dive na eh, una ulo. yan tuloy duguan. haays

David The Goliath @CapitalGrowth ·

sana totoo na nga 🙁

Paul Alvin Antig @paul_alvin2346 ·

Minsan may nakasabay ako isang Senior Lady Cancer patient. Sabi niya wala siyang retirement fund at walang trabaho mga anak niya. Inabutan ko siya ng P500 at sabi ko sa kanya, "Mom, everyday inom ka ng tubig with Kalamansi. Vitamin C po iyan. Makakatulong iyan sa Immune System mo iyan: Sorry na lang kung Hindi niyo naintindihan kalagayan ko sabihin niyo na mayabang ako. Sa totoo lang ipinagdarasal ko na sana gumaling na ako para makapagcharity ako sa mga Cancer Patients. Sir PhilC Sorry. Siguro post na lang ako ng chart at walang statement.

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Paul Alvin Antig @paul_alvin2346 ·

Mary Gee salamat. Na try ko na mga homeopathic, herbal siguro more than 10 na herbal doctors na try ko. Now iniinom ko combine sa Conventional Doctor. Kyani, Good Day Vitamin C Alkaline Sodium Ascorbate at Intra. Ito iniinom ko ngayon. Walang synthetic. Gusto ng hospital Chemo at radiation. Sabi ng Guard tinuro sa akin isang door doon maraming lumalabas diyan na patay kaya natakot ako sa chemo. Hindi ako sure kung tinakot niya ako o biniro lang. Thank you!

Mary Gee @margee ·

Sir baka makatulongpo ito....

Monkey D Garp @Trade_Romance ·

your greatest investment in life is an investment in heaven. These investment pang past time lang ito, investment in the family and in God is the real investment that pays off.

Nash Zander @joelskie13 ·

$NOW Formed a pattern (Oct-2015) almost similar to $BSC $RLT $PHES and started its run after 6 months (Apr-2016). Which security will most probably move the same way? Or maybe nothing at all?
$VITA Released the news for corporate rehabilitation exit on July-2016 but the same price movement was prior to this date (Mar-2016). And when it received from court its motion for successful exit (Sept-2016), the trend is already almost at its peak.

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Mr A @SWAG ·

$VITA may senyales... 😬😬😬😬

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