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Mark M @markm1 ·

$TUGS continues to consolidate towards the support line of the uptrend price channel. This consolidation/pullback has been warned already by a prior bearish divergence pattern on RSI and EFI.

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JD Papa @linchpin ·

Why buy $TUGS? Latest disclosure says it all.

1. Rich income generating asset.
2. Serving clients all over Asia.
3. Income sheet is your catalyst which differs it to other speculative stock.

Dont forget that they also do lighterage, construction, salvage and other maritime services. This doesn't ends here.

After the FOO, they will buy more assets, adds subsidaries and expands on green energy sector.

Dont be easily disturb by minor price drop and used some common sense.

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Vanister Fletcher @vanister_fletcher ·

I agree. If I may add, let's continue to study each companies that we want to invest in, instead of simply comparing each chart patterns. Iba iba kasi sila no matter how close the patterns might show. cheers to all investors!

Rommel Ablin @RomeTroy ·

$TUGS – Competitive Advantage: The Japanese Connection

Just FYI…

• Daito Corporation – a Japanese company owns more than 5% of TUGS.

• Last December, the Company was engaged by Nippon Salvage Co. Ltd. (a Japanese company) to carry out the wreck removal operation of MV Salvage Titan.

• Company's tugboats are imported from Japan.

• Yesterday, the Company has successfully completed the delivery of a barge carrying quay cranes from Oita, Japan.

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b3n tot @b3n_tot ·

may good news si $TUGS pero bakit di maxado nag-up ?

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soveRein @LionSignOfPride ·

panget ang chart! if the news was one day late much better need mag retrace ng indicators for safe entries

Break That @Resistance ·

one of the safest in the market... this stock is simply💪

JD Papa @linchpin ·

yes. this stock has a great FA and the catalyst is in March. Lot of reasons for buyers to buy.

b3n tot @b3n_tot ·

up trend pa din ?

JD Papa @linchpin ·

focus on the flooring or trendline.

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Jean Gabriel @jaytek ·

Grabe open nung $TUGS, closed at 3.69 then open ng 3.85!

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Break That @Resistance ·

1 thing to describe this stock ""💪""

Vanister Fletcher @vanister_fletcher ·

kung nakabili kayo sa presyo na yun. not bad. I doubt na bababa pa yan ng 3.60. hataw na ulet yan next week.

Jmar Certified one @certifiedone ·

matibay. 😀

Dan Dan Soy @Diloy ·

Ito ang pambawi ni $TUGS... hihila patungong otso

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Ed Garcia @eddieg219 ·

$TUGS-New disclosure must be the catalyst for recover after a double bottom.
other indicators below are not yet convinced or already discounted the disclosure.
at this level it is a good point to buy back and accumulate.

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Vanister Fletcher @vanister_fletcher ·

indeed if you have BP, now is a good time to accumulate.

Shikamaru Nara @ShikamaruNara ·

Naka GTC pa nman me sa 3.0, parang mapapaaga ang saluhan. Ayaw magpapaiwan kay $ALCO. Hehe!

wildpawn trader @wildpawntrader ·

Harbor Star’s M/V Rho Cas successfully completed the delivery of a barge carrying quay cranes to CaiMep, Vietnam from Oita, Japan. The towing engagement amounting to US$ 645,000 is Rho Cas’ first overseas job for 2017. The revenue generated is already equivalent to 50% of last year’s towing revenue.. - PSE Disclosure

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Jhon Dioquino @JhonDioquino ·

stock ng mga seaman..



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