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Gamie @gamie ·

$HOUSE - arrested at resistance and needed to pullback. Haha.. Just putting a story. Anyway, bottom fishing is a go for me now.

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Dave D @davediaz ·

any thoughts on med now? they are selling.

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Red Day @RedDay ·

Pumasok ako sa .69 mukhang napapansin na naman eh. Sana nga sir @ShikamaruNara

Shikamaru Nara @ShikamaruNara ·

Accumulation stage. Next week possible reversal.😍

poorex trader @poorex ·

$PAL. signs of momentum swing. still watching as it is now in resistance area

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Json D @therealjaysond ·

Any day from now babalikan ko na si $ALCO, bright future ahead nito. downtrend for now pro tataas uli ito.

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Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

$MG -33% in 4 days

Di araw-araw pasko. Anyone can make money out of random basura picks, but when the time comes that you get complacent, the market will get you back.

This is one good example why you should know how to manage your risks when playing speculative / micro cap stocks.

Playing basuras with no risk control in mind is basically a sureball way to lose money. Understand fire, before you play with fire.

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Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

The definition of 'Basuras' depends per person but usually these are the stocks below 1 to 3 Billion Market Cap and has no sustainable business yet. While we just coin the term 'basura' on them, not all of them are trash

And you're right, there are some of them that turn into super stocks and are very profitable if you're able to trade them correctly. The key in trading basura stocks is having a strong system and risk controls to protect you.


Al Oira @Alangkwarta72 ·

penny stocks are what considered basura ata

maximo5 @maximostirador ·

At what trading price ba pweding ma consider na basura ang isang stock dito sa pinas boss @jcbisnar

Erwin Ungriano @blackmamba24 ·

@rafael15 my bodega kba sa $MG?

Strawhat Luffy @Xfinity101 ·

is $SLI a basura?

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dj R @f1r3w4llz09 ·

$CAL as i said 2 days ago.. you should know your sell targets

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deborah maliaman @debsqt06 ·

$PSPC is on a consolidation right now. RSI is a little bit overbought but it currently is on an uptrend. Initial support is at 1.90 while the second support is 1.81 and it is a good buying point if any of those hold.

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Airwyn Tin @airwyn ·

untog syang 🙁

Resty Furuc @rmfuruc ·

It's been a month since I opened an account in COL, joined Investagram and other trading FB groups, and been reading investing and stock market basics. I already lost '5k' from playing around - I should have used it to attend the InvestaLive session. I'm happy to see people imparting their knowledge and analysis on certain stocks. I have a long way to go but the immediate goal is to learn and recover my capital. #firstpost

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MsChubbyCheeks @boredGames ·

I feel you. mag 2nd yr anniv n kmi ng account ko, nung unang taon akala ko ilagay ko lang sa gusto kong stocks ung pera ko tapos hayaan ko na. ayun after 1 year 1k lang ang gain ko tapos nung Dec. last year grabe yung losses ko. Pero ngayon I've decided na hindi na pwede yun mangyare kaya inaaral ko na tlga. nakabawi narin kahit papano. ;-)


sa exit ako madalas magkamali
nagpoprofit na mga kasama ko ako nga nga pa kase gusto ko sana maglongterm
nangyayare ako tuloy ang ipit waaaaaaaa!!!!!


ako din loss 40k pero d ako nawawalan ng pag asa kase yung ibang investors nag loss ng 400k
aral fa more!!!!!

Jovanie Fernandez @jovanie02 ·

congrats certified ka nang investor sa pag kalugi mo hehe happy trading 😀

Pabebe Boy @pabebeboy ·

ako 1 year, i'm losing 40K na. haha. pero ayos lang, alam ko mababawi ko din in due time. hopefully, soon. 😀

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