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PrimoEclieus @PrimoEclieus ·

Im so puzzled on something that was posted by someone that was respected on the industry of trading! "THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU TRADE!", meaning it contradicts the saying "GAIN IS GAIN!" Please correct he/she is wrong! Coz today, it starts to make sense to me what he is referring! Please comment on this, it will start to change your view on trading! Please help me im so confused mga boss!

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Top EL @topel ·

Also having very thick cloud ahead (same with $NOW). Most likely, price will stay below the cloud for next couple of week and will try to penetrate the clouds once it has the enough momentum to do so! Volume is the key.

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Top EL @topel ·

Needs to accumulate all his energy for him to be able to penetrate the thick clouds ahead. Magandang volume lang ang kailangan pra makakuha ng bwelo sa pag-angat!
The clouds ahead might cause turbulence hence price will just fly below the cloud for the coming days!

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CYbORG FORCE The Ancestor @architectof_cyb ·

$NOW is trading at its slight bullish breakout (volume must sustain this momentum)

Trading above CYbORG yellow line
RSi rising
StochRSI crossing above higher time frame
DMI- DI+ above DI- implies a sightly bullish momentum but ADX should enter to its momentum level at level 25-30+)
Price is trading below 0 must continue its uptrend crossing level 0

-simply CYbORG rocks

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TheNoobTrader @thenoobtrader ·

Final TOR end of June pa. If SEC Rio is true to his words, dapat may draft na by May 23(Wednesday). Let's see sa price action later mas legit pa yun sa sinasabi ni Rio 😀

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Jon Snow @elonreevemusk ·

$NOW , final TOR sa end of June pa? The play continues..

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Below Job @Mauten ·

iyak na naman mga ipit pag lalong tumatagal lalong naiinis na sila sa hype

ipitkaba @aptrdz ·

bumili kayu ng NOW stock saAugust na 😄😃😁 hintayin nalng nmin kayong ka ming holder relax lang sa 100sh na kayo bumili

TheNoobTrader @thenoobtrader ·

@elonreevemusk pwede din. tingnan na lang natin price action later, mas legit pa yun kesa sa sinasabi ni Rio ahhaha 😀

Jon Snow @elonreevemusk ·

@thenoobtrader kaya nga eh.. dinaan tayo sa pag extend extend.. pero yung draft ata this week na, final TOR yung sa end of June.

Songenri @Songenri ·

sa susunod nyan june 2019 pa😱

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Niela Cachopero @nckapoor ·

This is in continuation to my last comment.......If you think that someone is going to walk into your life and simply give away a winning strategy to you, believe me...... You are living in a fool's paradise.. "NO LUNCH COMES FOR FREE" But what i can tell you is ..for a second just forget about profit or loss.. you must know how to sustain in this stock market for long. .. which means the first thing that you need to learn is "How to protect your capital".

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Poging Trader @petmalu2018lodi ·

At the time of declaring the 3rd Telco, the price of $now is already more than 20.

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