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Saved @NoOtherName ·


Price failed to sustan trading above the MA100 (Blue Line) as it continue to crumble down below the said moving average. This may signify that price descend may still continue on the next trading days. However, if price climbed back and breached beyond the downtrend line (Black Broken Line), a strong potential reversal towards the uptrend may possibly occur.

Breakdown, unfortunately, was greatly supported by huge volume which may emphasize that massive sellers are participating the sell-off.

RSI was still submerged within the neutral zone, however, is now pointing downwards and slowly approaching towards oversold territory. Said indicator also failed to break its own downtrend line.

MACD still shows no sign of bullishness as of this moment.

God bless!

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Trend Sniper @trendsniper ·

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Weekly TF

Finally made a move. Has this sleeper really awakened? Broke past R1 and spiked above R2 before closing below it. Good volume. Company has nice earnings, pays dividends. Volatile and somewhat illiquid. Public float of only a little less than 800M. Stay above 2php for now and we'll see. Watch for volume increase.

Trade Safe.

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Mikeee Mikeee @mikeee ·

$PNX 12.54

It was a very strong week for $'s the weekly chart...
We are now above that minor channel and above MA50 firmly, which lessens the probability of challenging the 618fib levels again. And we will most likely enter parabolic on weekly chart next week also...hence acceleration of the upmove

In my observation, ATR's client is siphoning off shares from the open market, hence the supply is reducing, reducing and reducing and that's probably why it is trading the way it does (very different from other names). Those tall volume histograms are ATR crosses, probably ownership transfers? But what's good is continuous reduction of supply of shares circulating...

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Trend Sniper @trendsniper ·

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Long term MA200 acted as resistance every time this stock rallied since early this year, so when I saw the price trying to break it, I entered early. Of course with stop loss in place. Fortunately, it succeeded in breaking out this week. Fueled with its future plans, hype and all. Let's just ride it and exit when its time to exit.

Trade Safe.

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Chester Maze @KCARTrader ·

Hinihigop ata ni $NOW iyong market cap ni $GLO 😂😂😂

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Neil Scape @soundscape8 ·

$NOW is a "BUY" in Monthly, Weekly, and Daily timeframe. For those who loves hitchhiking, an opportunity to find a good entry while it is currently on pullback.

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Jay Lee @leejay1187 ·

Ganda ng pagka chart.

RM Tiamz @rmtiamzon ·

ang hirap mamili mga lodi. $fni or $now for long term hahahhaa

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Robin Hook @Robinhook_18 ·

$now mas maigi antayin mabreak yung 52wk h @ 3.34 nag kataon pa 61.8% fib resistance ...pag ito nabreak mataas ang chance for long uptrend.

Rudyric Colon @rudy0982 ·


Saved @NoOtherName ·

Included herewith is a brief comparison between a standard candlestick chart versus a Hekin Ashi chart as both charts depicts the downtrend movement of First Gen Corporation $FGEN. As you may observed, a series of Lower Highs and Lower Lows have been formed.

Switching to HA chart setup may provide a clearer vision of the trend. However, although the HA charts tend to show and identify the trend more easily than ordinary candlestick charts, the latter is still more significant since it indicates the actual price action happened on a particular period.

God bless us all!!
Goodnight everyone.

Bonus Knowledge: Trading and attempting to gain profit during downtrends are calles as COUNTER TRENDS and may be similar to swimming against the waves.

P.S. To produce more money, produce more value.

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Ben Hur @Mc18982002 ·


This is a super stock-- now as with past superstocks, $ALCO, $DD, $WPI, $2GO, etc--- there has been a final climax run so fast you get dizzy. $MAC is still doing an "$ANI" and it is going up relatively steadily with some good periods of rest.

The question is, do you think $MAC will eventually go so freakily up on its final hurrah and then start to decline like the past superstocks-- or will it be as steady and just meander along when it finally reaches its peak..

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jim jones @doofus ·

That 'exhaustion' type spike that you are writing about may have happened on Nov 08th at 13.8% and the resistance of ~Php 24.00 has been identified. If price closes above this then my thinking is wrong and we'll have to watch out for another spike or simply watch MAC continue to build in value like ANI..

The volumes are still there supporting this stock and it just may go sideways for a while. I don't expect an IMI type drop as MAC just has too much more going for it; it's a different business altogether. Monday will be interesting. Let's see what happens. And as a side note: IMI's last two Q reports don't even come close to MAC's. ( 3% & 13% vs 195% & 110% ). I can understand IMI taking a hit over the last few days; I don't see the same happening to MAC.

Pietro Lucas @Deep_Insight ·

Been doing research on the next potential super stocks

$ROCK seems to be at its earliest stages

Sleepy Moon @sleepymoon ·

ano pa po yung 3 catalyst left @Profitrs

mikey Changho @Profitrs ·

My projection suggest at 30 within 6 to 9 months. We still 3 catalyst left

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