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Jec Ram @jecram ·

papalitan ko na username ko

$PNX - 13.45
$FNI - 2.63
$PCOR - 9.25
$TBGI - 3.44

lumayo kayo sa mga stocks hawak ko, may tae mga yan! Ang babaho!😷

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Markadong Pirata @MarkadongPirata ·

lol....anong klaseng tae ba yan? tobol o igit? hehehe

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Chester Maze @KCARTrader ·


Nickel Futures will try to hit 13K again 😂

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Matthias Mati @MatthiasMati ·

#mac #wlcon #fni #dna
My watchlist...

*technical + volume

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nadale ng DNA

Jared Enriquez @JaredEnriquez ·

Eto na naman tayo
Kelan ka ba matututo?
Pag-ibig ay sakit sa ulo
Kaya wag kang magpapaloko
Bakit ba ang bilis mo na maniwala diyan?
Di ka pa ba nadala sa 'yong nakaraan?
Ilang beses pa ba na kitang papayuhan?
Ayaw ko lang naman na ikaw ay masaktan
Hindi kita sa dina-down, down, down, tol pumili ka kase
Karamihan kasi now kung makuha madale
Madali nang magpakamot pag may nangate
Kaya ngayon palang mag-isip ka pre


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Chester Maze @KCARTrader ·

Currently holding

still looking at
$PIZZA and $EAGLE 🙈 hmm

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Chester Maze @KCARTrader ·


rhyme @iamrhyme ·

hawak...haha...hype na yan

Chester Maze @KCARTrader ·

ng hawak o ng tinitignan? 😂😂

rhyme @iamrhyme ·

may pagkakatulad

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Wilson See @WilsonSee ·

buti binabawi anng iba kon hawak

Habeedjavid Ovrolfvo @HabeedjavidOvrolfvo ·

FNI wait n lng tlg ng 1st quarter matapos juicolored di ko mahugot loss pa

Barbara Araojo @Ara1022 ·

🤔🤔 possible mag close?

Wilson See @WilsonSee ·

small amount lang FNI ko im just waiting for it to gain hehe

Felix Vitangcol @felixvitangcol ·

I have FNI also, but do you think it's a good investment still? I don't seem to see any update on the processing plant that they plan to do. Nickel ore prices in the global market are already rallying, but still not much of a movement here.

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jcmanglo @jcmanglo ·

$FNI needs to trade above MA20 and EMA9. Still consolidating with a low volume.


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Greenstorax Kaizen @MistahInvest ·




Traders-Investors are advised to conduct their own charting; that is before making a purchase decision. These are some of the stocks that performed better. My effort/s here is for information and educational purposes for those busy people working all day long.
You may check and/or analyze the Trending Stocks here at Investagrams.

Have a great weekend...!

#Homework #DoUrCharting

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Greenstorax Kaizen @MistahInvest ·

No problem Boss @ThePorongski

Luis Angelo Chavez @ThePorongski ·

Oh sorry thank you!

Greenstorax Kaizen @MistahInvest ·

Sir @ThePorongski, I think the said $FOOD wasn't trading early when you accessed the Chart...
No idea what your referring to...

Greenstorax Kaizen @MistahInvest ·

Thank You Sir @GoldHour !!!

Luis Angelo Chavez @ThePorongski ·

Why is $food 0 right now? D:

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