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Protacio Procopio @pilosopotacio ·

Congrats holders of $PERC and $PXP! ang tiyaga niyo. Another proof that patience pays huge gains. Special mention to $PHES holders, I used to have this with 0.37 ave.

$SSI Here comes BDO and BA to the rescue again and again. Believers of the Golden Ratio?
$ANI Habang lahat nagpa-panic, si ANI chill lang sa sideline.

Two of my pick, though I'm not good in stock picking:
$FNI Another bounce at the Golden Ratio amazing.
$DNA Negative earnings pero bakit binobodegahan?

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Protacio Procopio @pilosopotacio ·

@profitrs agree para doble.

mikey Changho @Profitrs ·

solid na yang 8.9 sa $ANI, next week MA20 or report mas maige hiwalay sila para mas malake gain

In besh @Inbesh ·

@pilosopotacio c $ANI pasyal muna daw sya park.. lol 🤣😂

Hacked Account @dhen_929 ·

Pwede na ulit ito.. 😁

The Welder @atamayuwai ·

Buy the fear or stay away! The agony of waiting. $NIKL, $FNI, $ORE and $MARC. Sabi nga nila, "To be early is to be wrong". Caveat everyone! 👊

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jasper rebong @jrebong ·

$FNI - Amongst the "nickel" stocks, this has probably the prettiest chart. The price stopped exactly at the 61.8% retracement. Plus they do have a buyback, but mining has been really hard to make money off lately. I'm tempted but not really.

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jasper rebong @jrebong ·

tumaas naman sya today.. baka short term trade pde dito

Israel De padua @Thawsydp ·

I bought @1.50 , my trailing stop hits. sold @1.58. hayzz (peak @1.82)

Andres Bonifacio High Street @AndresB ·

Ang poetic naman nga "I'm tempted, but not really" Haha

Nykel Wong @nykel88 ·

LME Nickel Prices have already breached the 10,000 mark. Will these change the sentiments on Nickel Mining Companies in a few days?


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EL BROMISTA @Why_so_serious ·

very well said Will Of D

Will of D @Will_of_D ·

Wla talab yan, when gold was bullish $apx looked like a deadcat bounce, all because gina was there. Digong is a lot scarier than Gina, I would love to kiss gina even if she's older than me, But with digs saying more tax, restoration of disturbed environment, penalties for violators and stopping export of raw materials, the big investors will sure be discouraged, ants should wait for DENR approval before jumping into these investment because Government is clearly showing no support for mining.

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Bo Benjie @BoBenjie ·

Notable Declines for the Day: $NIKL, $FNI, $SSI and $CPM.

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EL BROMISTA @Why_so_serious ·

let go before it cause you further damage, buy back at the new bottom lolz

Maggie Bautista @maggiewagi ·

let go na ba? T.T sakit

Paul Alvarez @simplykapow ·

cutloss na? T_T

Miko Samin @JuanTurgasoy ·

FNI - What is happening to you?

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Miko Samin @JuanTurgasoy ·

Im not sure yet...but it is good indication..shorted with low volume is a good sign to buy


Charlton Te @CharltonTe ·

Buy na ba sir? Haha



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