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Garbage Can @Garbage_Can ·

$FNI - 4 bull candlesticks + accumulating volume + crossing the Trend Tail Line + listed off from DENR suspension/closure. That's just a WOW! Will FNI start it's uptrend? Key level to break and hold as new support is 2.72. Once it's above 2.72, it may resume it's uptrend. May buy as it approaches 2.72 with tight loss implementation, or may buy it if breaks above 2.72 for a breakout play. Once above 2.72, the nearest resistance are 2.79 and 2.94. Goodluck.

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Gie Chua @mGie_23 ·

nice $lmg and $fni
bawi-bawi na kayo 😄

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Gie Chua @mGie_23 ·

ahh yeah. i know nmn... 😀 tagilid ang mga minings.... thank you so much

The All In Trader @TAIT ·

ok mam goodluck. Highly correlated ang chart ng nicklel & local mining companies. Big guys ay wala pang interest sa ngayon, purely news related ang price action kaya medyo dubious ako if ma sustain nya ang pag akyat.

Gie Chua @mGie_23 ·

hmm not much, out n rin ako pag na reach ang target 😀

The All In Trader @TAIT ·

Huwag pakaasa masyado kay $FNI, useless yang clearance nila from DENR kung di naman babalik sa level ang nickel price that will make mining companies really profitable.

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Stocks Hub @stockshub ·


The open pit is as big, loose and wide as mine
- Madam Gina

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Al Oira @Alangkwarta72 ·


The All In Trader @TAIT ·

Malikhain ang isip mo bro! 😁

Sparkle skittle @sparkle ·


Imbang Klase @jcbisnar ·

haha 😂😂

bow sunchest @Bow_Sunchest ·

$FNI Disclosure today.

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The All In Trader @TAIT ·

Not too keen on this one. Nickel price in the world market not looking good. Baka mapag laruan tayo ng mga big guys. But should it rally today, then i'm happy for the holders.

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JK Shing @JKShing ·


barnuts @lambobr ·

Lipad na to

james Bond @Ipitskie ·

Good for fni

Rey Rosete @rey_rosete ·

mababa pa si $FNI pero lipad nato maybe in a few days. nasa base price ito nang 2.39 tpos tumalon sa 2.57... kayo na bahala kung sasakay kayo. nag ppeak ito nang 4 in the next few weeks to come

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Timothy Laxa @timmu74 ·

ready for the $FNI Bandwagon tomorrow? I sure am

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Ragnar Lothbrok @ragNar ·

ready 😁



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