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evo cruz @evo ·

$fni hay naku gina bwissiihittt #ilovenpa

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Shikamaru Nara @ShikamaruNara ·

Potential 16%up Range Trade Set-up

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romer guerbo @romerguerbo ·

We will wait util iw will form its base and up volume then its a buy for FNI..

Cyrell Salig @cyrell ·

yep thats right. i was wrong. naalala ko lang na sa pullback nga after a trend if increasing volume na pullback its unhealthy becoz there's heavy profit taking

mikey Changho @Profitrs ·

bentahan yan bes

romer guerbo @romerguerbo ·

Increasing volume in a down trend means holders are selling bit by bit .. based in my reading.. correct me if im wrong.. thanks

Mark Del Rosario @MarkDelRosario0 ·

Hanggang kailan aasa...hanggang kailan magdurusa...hanggang kailan $FNI

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Monkey D Garp @Trade_Romance ·

"The price will rise together with Christ." $ppc, $rwm, $alco, $cnpf, $mrsgi, $ssi, $mrc, $apl, $tugs, $fni, $lr, $vita, $apx.

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Pepits @pepitocapio ·

Previous Predictions from april 3-7 result:
^ - Uptrend
<> - sideways
v - downtrend

20 predictions; 8 correct; 12 incorrect

$bloom ^
o 7.95 c 8.35 correct
$jfc ^
o 197.50 c 210.40 correct
$rwm ^
o 3.2 c 3.21 wrong
$mwide ^
o 17.64 c 18.22 correct
$mrc ^
o 0.22 c 0.2750 correct
$pha ^
o 0.43 c 0.425 wrong
$mbt ^
o 80.20 c 87.3 correct
$fni ^
o 2.85 c 2.7 wrong
$ict ^
o 89.95 c 89.00 wrong
$hvn ^
o 16.50 c 15.88 wrong
$mcp ^
o 6.68 c 6.74 wrong
$pnx ^
o 8.40 c 8.33 wrong

$bel ^ or <>
o 3.99 c 3.91 correct
$ceb ^ or <>
o 94.45 c 97.00 correct
$eei ^ or <>
o 8.27 c 9.55 correct

$mac v
o 3.83 c 4.68 wrong
$vita v
o 1.50 c 1.56 wrong
$meg v
o 3.40 c 3.94 wrong
$ali v
o 33.60 c 35.40 wrong
$pa v
o 0.054 c 0.056 wrong

aral pa more ako hehehe!

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Boss Ethan @BossEthan ·

Close @ 2.71. Needs more volume for strong reversal (uptrend) + Good Fundamentals minus Bad News 😁. Must maintain above support#1 line. #ChartingPractice 😄

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