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Al Oira @Alangkwarta72 ·

lagi k n lang alco ganyan

alen po @markalen2016 ·

okay na yan. laro laro muna sa +-.05 of 1.2. pangit pag lipad agad e. cut loss pag below piso.

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black beard @stirringfork26 ·

virus 😁

Klifford Kho @KliffordKho ·

hindi ma open ano to

Strawhat Luffy @Xfinity101 ·

APS is toying with $SLI. When are you going to release the Kraken? Sa march pa kaya? $ALCO is going down, might let $SLI up na.

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alen po @markalen2016 ·

salo $SLI sa .9

Json D @therealjaysond ·

Any day from now babalikan ko na si $ALCO, bright future ahead nito. downtrend for now pro tataas uli ito.

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Marko Alejandro @markosmile ·

My thoughts for $ALCO, very volatile, many players are interested with this company and disclosures affect the stock price instantly.

This company is long term for me, foreigners are active in investing.
Bright future: Construction of building in BGC, Vis-Min projects, Sugar-plantation, Run by PO family and undervalued.

For the meantime, I will get more volume, wait for Financial report, and unveiling of their future projects.

Good morning! 😀

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Marko Alejandro @markosmile ·

April pa. After busy season ng auditing firm.

Dave @Dave05 ·

kelan kaya release ng annual report?

Raymond Cajayon @RaymondCajayon ·

for now Goodbye ALCO 😀 !

alen po @markalen2016 ·

kung malapit sa 1.2 ang position mo, pwede ka na matulog at buksan nalang port mo sa pasko. haha

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Noe Sumil Jr @BUGOY0420 ·

$ALCO The 15min Chart shows the bulls and bears are equal using DMI. Trend lines formed a mini flag to the upside( bullish ). ADX and DMI are both at 25 level. Breakout to the bottom trendline leads to a retracement. Breakout at the top will lead to expansion( bullish side ). Wachout carefully if the DMI make a crossover that is the sign that the bears are strengthening. So it must not cross because the next support will find at the next higher timeframe. JUST CHARTS!

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Sedfrey Oliver Versoza @doctorsed07 ·

Thank you Sir. Ayaw din ibaba ung price kaya I think okay pa rin siya.

Noe Sumil Jr @BUGOY0420 ·

Yung 5-15min chart still the market is indecision. Wlang direction. Once it break the trendline around 1.21 above you can expect for the uptrend. And observed how the market react on that price. Because siguradong ang mga market movers meron ding sinusunod n pattern yan. Kailangan lng ntin mlman kung nakaayon tayo sa sinusundan nilang pattern!

Sedfrey Oliver Versoza @doctorsed07 ·

What do you think of the closing price sir?

Sedfrey Oliver Versoza @doctorsed07 ·

Unleash the bomb ALCO! Haha

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Kreepy Kreme @kreepykreme ·

$ALCO - Para sa mga umaasa. Eto dagdag pag-asa.. Hahahaha! Malay natin baka magkatotoo. 😂

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Joseph Daniel @arnelmb777 ·

nice one

Airwyn Tin @airwyn ·

ha ha ha ha



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