Investagrams Trader of the Week

3rd Week of June

Posted by Investagrams on June 23, 2016

Investagrams Trader of the Week

Investagrams on Press Release Jun 23, 2016 • 9:29am
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Every week we choose one Investagrams user as our featured trader.

We choose among your posted charts from the prior week based on relevance of stock pick--popularity, activeness of the stock and accuracy & profitability of the analysis. Good luck everyone! Let's keep sharing and help each other! That's what #Investagrams is all about!

Our chosen winner for each week will win a 2-Months ACCESS to our SPECIAL FEATURE--The InvestaWatcher. 

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For Week #3 of June
 2016, our Investagrams' Trader of the Week is Mr. Jonathan Capistrano under the username: @JCapistrano

Here is his post last week:

Stock: $BLOOM

Indicators used: Lines and Volume


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication..."
- Leonardo Da Vinci -

Sometimes it's all about less is more. Our trader of the week started by plotting the resistances BLOOM can meet along the way, seeing the breakout point at the 5.5 level match with higher than the average volume as an opportunity to profit from the stock. By using this simple indicators, you can potentially see where the stock is heading.

After all, everything in the market is just a reflection of supply and demand.


In just 3 trading days$BLOOM was able to test its next resistance point at around 6.20, the stock price surged up to 6.23 per share or an outstanding 12% gain before it closed down at 5 .96PHP per share from the time Jonathan posted his analysis. This only shows that you don't need sophisticated indicators to profit from the Stocks, you only have to listen to whatever the market is telling you.

Congratulations to those who were able to ride $BLOOM, and to those who are still thinking about buying the Stock, don't forget to set your stops accordingly. 

Again, great job to Mr. Jonathan aka. investagram user  @JCapistrano, please continue to share your insights and help our fellow traders find more profitable plays and enjoy your access to the Investa Watcher! 

To see more of Jonathan's insights you may follow him at

His profile can be found here:

Stay tuned for next week's Featured Trader! God Speed everyone!


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