Investagrams Stock Market Challenge 2016

The Biggest Nationwide Virtual Trading Competition for College Students

Posted by Investagrams on July 19, 2016

Investagrams Stock Market Challenge 2016

Investagrams on Press Release Jul 19, 2016 • 9:30am
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InvestagramsStock Market Challenge (College Students)




Are youready to join the BIGGEST Virtual Trading Competition for college students in Philippine History? We know you are! 

In partnership with Junior Confederation of Finance Associations - Philippines (JCFAP), and  Caylum Trading Institute, we are proud to present the Investagrams Stock Market Challenge 2016


Here are the mechanics:

Who can join?


  •          Only students who are currently enrolled in college will be allowed to join
  •          We shall be needing a scanned copy of your school ID for initial verification. Participants shall send this together with their payment confirmation. 
  •          Winners shall only be awarded if they can provide their proof of enrollment. Failure to show the required documents will result to disqualification.
  •          Graduating students may still join as long as they are still enrolled during the beginning of the competition (October 17, 2016)




  • Competition will start on October 17, 2016 and ends on December 29, 2016  
    Save the dates! We will be giving further instructions with regards to Investagrams Trading Summit on October 22, 2016 to be held in Asian Institute of Management--via email. (To those who are already paid)

Steps for Registration: 

  • To register kindly fill in this form --->
  • Or you can ask for JCFAP forms in Financial Literacy Caravan (FLC) and Student Leader Seminar (SLS) in coordination with officers of JCFAP. 
  • Reg fee per team is 500 php for JCFAP members and 600 for non-JCFAP members. A team can be composed of minimum 1 member or maximum 3 members. 

    Bank details:
    Account number: 1721-0007-76
    Account name: Investagrams Inc.

  • A student can only have 1 entry
  • All registrants shall be provided a complementary educational 'kit' on trading as their guide in the competition
  • All participants shall be given free passes (this is optional learning session, not a requirement to attend) to our Investagrams Trading Summit event where some of today’s top traders will share what it takes to be a successful trader. These traders have made MILLIONS in the stock market, their insights will be of great value. This is our pre-competition learning event where all participants are recommended to attend. Event will be on October 22, 2016 at Asian Institute of Management, Fuller Hall.
  • Please see registration & payment instructions to to secure your entry. (we'll be giving entry permits by October)
  • We will start accepting pending application to the competition room by October.



  • Each team will start with Php 100,000 virtual money.  Goal of the game is simple--trade your account for the whole period, aim for the highest profits.
  • The players will use the Virtual Trading Platform of which tracks the stock price movements in the PSE. System also automatically calculates transaction fees to make it realistic.
  • Only stocks to be traded are top 70 most active stocks based on 50 day avg value turnover, we automatically block off high spread and micro-cent names such as OV, AR, UPM, MA etc (list attached at the bottom of mechanics)
  • To promote diversification maximum exposure in one single stock can only be 1/2 or 50% of the portfolio, this requires the player to buy at least 2 diff stocks should they want to fully invest their portfolio. Also the players are required to have a minimum of 3 trades per month. Any buy or sell transaction is counted as 1 trade
  • All trade records shall be verified, those who fail to follow the rules will be disqualified.
  • Players can only transact on the current prices of the stock, meaning it changes accordingly to the market prices. They can only transact Market orders. You have to monitor the market when you buy, and you have to monitor the market as well when you want to sell.
  • Player Rankings shall be constantly updated and automatically ranked by the Investagrams system (net profit gain/loss).
  • At the end of the competition, we shall be looking at the NET profit of all players thus requiring the participants to sell all their stock positions on Dec. 29
  • Any hacking or cheating shall automatically disqualify a player. 

  • (UPDATE)
    We have decided to update the list of all the tradable stocks, due to the fact that some of the stocks in the previous list became illiquid and abusable to wide-spread trading, which isn't really applicable in real life market conditions in the PSE.

    Here's an example on $ATN

    The spread is so far between .33 to .345 that's approx 4.5%. In real trading you won't be able to buy and sell repeatedly on that kind of spread because the stock is illiquid. In the virtual game since we only consider the price changes in the market this is easily abusable. Every time the market hits .33 someone would buy and when it ticks at .3450 they would just sell.  We encourage real trading strategies, as much as possible we don't want any abusive strategies which do not reflect actual trading this is why we decided to immediately take action.

    The following changes have been made. Deleted (TECH, ATN, PSE, HOUSE, LC ) Added (CHP, MWIDE, WEB, TUGS, PRMX).

    We have reset all positions on the deleted list. To compensate to those who bought the deleted stocks, we decided to give props to those who were able to find opportunities and let them have half of the profit that they had on these stocks. On the other hand, we decided to return the losses on all teams who traded the deleted stocks.

    Here is the official list of the stocks you can trade for the competition:



Final Defense

At the end of the trading period, the top 10 highest ranking teams will move to thefinals. In the finals they will have to defend their strategies, stock picks,methodologies—basically explaining how they arrived with their tradingdecisions in a 5-minute presentation. Then, 10-minutes will be given to thepanel of judges for Q&A.

The defense presentation shall be held in a venue to be specified by JCFAP and Investagrams. There may or may not be an audience during the presentation ofthe top 10 teams. For those who cannot go to Metro Manila during the defenseday will present through online video call.


85% is based on the team’s ranking and performance in the tradingcompetition
15% will be based from the final defense.


Promotionsand Results:


  • The Investagrams Stock Market Challenge shall have at least one announcement / poster every week to update rankings
  • We can also add other segments such as videos, articles and other relevant updates that may be interesting to the participants and the audience. 

Prizes are as follows




Additional (optional)

11th - 20th

Php 1,000 per team


4th - 10th place

Php 2,000 per team 


3rd place

Php 15,000 


2nd place

Php 30,000


1st place 

Php 100,000


The top 40 ranking teams shall be awarded an immersion and training opportunitywith professional traders provided by CaylumTrading Institute and Investagrams.

Registration and Payment instructions:

1. Sign up the registration form in , once complete you will receive a confirmation email. If you've already signed up before this post (july 19, 2016) just please wait for our confirmation email

2. Follow the steps in the confirmation email

3. Upon payment, send scanned copy of deposit slip and your official school ID in [email protected] (input 
ISMC 2016 in the subject and your team leader's name, example "ISMC 2016 - John De Guzman")

4. Team leader must go to and create an Investagrams account by signing-up on our form, (this account will be used for the competition)

you can also sign-up via FB. 

Please make sure that your email address in your sign-up or in FB is your current email as we shall be sending out updates via email. 

Otherwise you can change your email in the 'settings' 

4. Once your payment is verified you shall be invited inside the trading lobby of the competition. Link shall be provided to all registrants, but only those who confirm with their ID and payment shall be granted entry. 

Should you have any questions feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or leave us a message at our Facebook page --> Investagrams






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