Investagrams Featured Trader of the Week

2nd week of September

Posted by Investagrams on September 22, 2016

Investagrams Featured Trader of the Week

Investagrams on Press Release Sep 22, 2016 • 4:34pm
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Every week we choose one Investagrams user as our featured trader.

We choose among your posted charts from the prior week based on relevance of stock pick-- popularity,  activeness of the stock and accuracy & profitability of the analysis but for now, we're going to post something different. 

We want to give recognition to those who continously and constantly give their insights not just about investments in stocks but also in LIFE.

Our chosen winner for each week will win a 2-Months ACCESS to our SPECIAL FEATURE--The InvestaWatcher
To know more about this, please check the bottom part of this article

(We will be giving access by October)

We present to you our Investagrams' Featured Trader for the 2nd week of September!

Here's an example of his post!

He drew a trendline to emphasize the breakout point of the stock - $MRC.
Note, that he's using an intraday chart for this stock.

His initial breakout point is pegged at 0.180 
and a stronger resistance is seen around the 0.190 levels 

The RSI of the stock can also be seen to be in the bullish teritorry indicating a strong momentum trigger for the stock.

In just 7 days, the stock was able to reach a new 52 week high at 0.2480, giving us a potential profit of 30% if we followed Jaytam's analysis!

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Our InvestaWatcher will soon be available to help you!

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