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{{item.FriendlyCode}} {{item.StockName}}
{{item.Value | numberkiloFormatWithCurrency:item.Currency}} {{item.Volume | numberkiloFormat}} {{(MarketSummary.CurrentMarketData.Enum == 400 ? item.FriendlyCode : 'shares')}} {{item.ValuePercentage | numberPercentStringFormat}} {{item.Last | numberPriceFormat}} {{item.ChangePercentage | numberPercentStringFormat}}



{{MarketSummary.CurrentMarketData.CurrentStock.LatestStockHistory.Last | numberPriceFormat}}


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{{MarketSummary.CurrentMarketData.CurrentStock.LatestStockHistory.Change | numberPriceFormat}} ({{MarketSummary.CurrentMarketData.CurrentStock.LatestStockHistory.ChangePercentage | numberPercentStringFormat}})
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